Gods On High ... Or Gods Are High? A curious piece of fruit in the bottom right-hand corner of Sandro Botticelli's Venus and Mars has caught the eye of art historian David Bellingham. He suspects that the 15th century master depicted the deities lounging with the hallucinogenic datura stramonium, also known as "poor man's acid." Get a closer look. Sandro Botticelli hide caption

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Work of Art contestant Miles Mendenhall recently graduated from the University of Minnesota and is the youngest artist ever to receive a Minnesota State Arts Board grant. Barbara Nitke/Bravo hide caption

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Artist Wafaa Bilal has his back tattooed with dots representing casualties of the Iraq war as names of the fallen are read aloud. Names of Iraqi cities are etched into his skin, and the dots are placed near the city where each individual died. Brad Farwell/www.bradfarwell.com hide caption

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This painting by Georges Braque, Olive Tree near Estaque was among the five works stolen in the dead of night from the Paris Museum of Modern Art. Anne-Christine Poujoulat/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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A painted wood carving by an unidentified internee depicts the Heart Mountain Relocation Center in Wyoming. It is showcased in The Art Of Gaman, a new exhibit curated by Delphine Hirasuna and currently on display at Smithsonian's Renwick Gallery in Washington, D.C. Photo: Terry Heffernan/Japanese American Museum of San Jose hide caption

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An auction worker in London stands in front of the Jasper Johns painting 'Flag' at an exhibition of the late Michael Crichton's art collection set up by Christie's auction house. Lefteris Pitarakis/AP hide caption

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