Paul Greenberg, pictured here with his daughter Tanya, has been fishing striped bass since childhood. He frequently writes about fish for The New York Times. Courtesy of Paul Greenberg hide caption

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Original varieties of tomatoes from South America are believed to have been small, like today's cherry tomatoes. Today's large, plump tomatoes are the result of years of selection. Sean Gallup/Getty Images hide caption

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The green bean salad with snow peas, coriander and mustard seeds and tarragon, from Yotam Ottolenghi's Plenty. Ottolenghi's column, "The New Vegetarian," has run in London's Guardian newspaper since 2006. Jonathan Lovekin hide caption

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Steven White (right) helps serve dinner at the Salvation Army soup kitchen. Pam Fessler/NPR hide caption

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The small print in the bar at the top of the Corn Pops box is an example of industry's voluntary approach to enhanced nutrition information. Marina Dominguez/NPR hide caption

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