A young girl bathes in an irrigation canal. The canal and nearby river are the primary sources of water for most people who live in the country around Saint-Marc, Haiti. John W. Poole/NPR hide caption

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Dr. Jim Yong Kim is introduced as the new president of Dartmouth College in Hanover, N.H., in 2009. Jim Cole/AP hide caption

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Patients sit in the waiting room of a free medical clinic in Perama, Greece, run by an international aid group, Doctors of the World, last month. Official unemployment in the port town is 80 percent, and many people are unable to afford food and medicine. Roy Gutman/Landov/MCT hide caption

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A woman walks past a banner placed around the perimeter of the Rand Afrikaans University in Johannesburg on World AIDS Day. The university used the banner to raise public awareness about AIDS and the devastating toll the disease has had in South Africa. Paul Botes/AP Photo hide caption

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A health worker injects a woman with a shot of Depo Provera, a quarterly contraceptive injection, at a health clinic in Busia, Uganda, in 2009. MCT/MCT via Getty Images hide caption

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Virologists and other scientists are meeting at the World Health Organization's Geneva headquarters to talk about the bird flu. Pierre Virot/WHO hide caption

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Haitians suffering from cholera symptoms rest at the treatment center in Mirebalais, a dusty town north of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, last June. The cholera epidemic in Haiti began in Mirebalais, believed to be the result of overflowing bathrooms from a nearby U.N. compound. Eduardo Verdugo/AP hide caption

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A man from Liberia uses a pump to adjust his liquid silicon lens. Liquid-lens glasses are part of an effort to make eyewear more accessible in the developing world. Courtesy of Centre for Vision in the Developing World hide caption

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Many over-the-counter contraceptives contain a spermicide known as nonoxynol-9. Gretchen Cuda Kroen/For NPR hide caption

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Chhay Meth, 9, suffering through an attack of malaria at the family's home in O'treng village on the outskirts of Pailin, Cambodia, in 2009. A drug-resistant form of malaria in the region medical led officials to declare a health emergency. David Longstreath/AP hide caption

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