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The Automotive Preferences of NPR Station Listeners

Despite the lingering effects of the economic downturn, hundreds of thousands of Americans are purchasing new vehicles every month.  NPR station listeners certainly aren’t an exception.

According to a recent audience survey, conducted on behalf of NPR's corporate sponsorship team, we learned that nearly 40% of NPR station listeners say they're at least somewhat likely to buy a new vehicle within the next 12 months.  And when making the decision, four out of five listeners would consider a hybrid (with three in five willing to consider an ethanol or flex-fuel vehicle).

Additional findings from the NPR survey of news listeners’ automotive preferences:

  • Quality, safety, and price concerns (i.e. purchase price, fuel efficiency, and total cost of ownership) dominate when listeners consider the factors that are most important to them when making a vehicle purchase.
    • Secondarily, nine out of ten listeners indicate that the reputation of the manufacturer (91%) and the warranty (89%) are “very” or “somewhat important.”
  • Forty-five percent of NPR News listeners currently own vehicles that were worth at least $25,000 when new.

For a complete look at the survey results, feel free to check out the slides below:

Vincent Lampone is Research Manager for Corporate Sponsorship and Development in NPR's Audience Insight & Research group.