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Disposable Income + Retail Tactics = Cyber Monday

Black Friday, Cyber Monday…what will retailers think of next to coax you into buying more stuff?  These retail tactics seem to be working quite successfully.  Especially since, everyone is talking about how online sales have increased suddenly – an increase of 16% according to Vator News.  There’s a nice looking graph in this article that breaks down spending by week and year in the millions.

Not only are people shopping online, they’re shopping via mobile apps!

There are entire websites devoted to shoppers (including myself), who avoid the malls around this time of year like the bubonic plague, tailored to Cyber Monday, like (Maybe I’ll get a coupon for the free promotion?)

This made me think about how NPR listeners’ online/mobile shopping habits have shifted over the past two years.  The use of mobile and smart phones for the aid of shopping is on the rise among NPR listeners, but this is a slow and steady change.  Online shopping, which is no longer a shiny and new concept, also shows a steady rise since spring 2009.  I can’t quite tell you why isn’t doing so hot by comparison, other than maybe it’s not NPR listeners’ cup of tea.

Index is a quick way for you to determine if the average NPR listener is more or less likely than the average adult to display a characteristic.  The base number is 100.  Values below 100 indicate below-average likelihood to have a characteristic, and values above 100 indicate above-average likelihood to have it

Happy shopping, whatever the venue!

Meredith Heard is the Research Analyst for Corporate Sponsorship and Development in NPR's Audience Insight & Research group.