NPR logo A (Sort of) Farewell

A (Sort of) Farewell

You may have noticed that there is not much to notice on this blog lately. In the lyrics of Lucinda Williams, "Well it's over – I know it – but I can't let go."

The NPR Audience Insight & Research team began this blog as an experiment in research transparency. I do not see its end as a failure. When the blog was at its best, we shared new techniques and findings from bleeding edge research.

Perhaps we are victims of our own success. Internally, we have experienced increased demand for our time, skills and attention. We have completed some juicy work over the last year. However, much of our work is proprietary and we've been challenged to find paths to share the work in this forum.

We will continue to search for ways to share our work with you, and there will be two locations to find those posts. For digital-related research, you can turn to Inside NPR. For all other research, we will post on This is NPR.

All the best from the research-geeks (meant lovingly) at NPR!

Lori Kaplan is the Director of Audience Insight & Research.