Customers enter a Hobby Lobby store in Antioch, Calif., this past spring. The Supreme Court is ruling on the crafts store chain's resistance to portions of the Affordable Care Act. The store's owners cite their religious freedom. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images hide caption

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Katherine Streeter for NPR

Amish show up at a makeshift clinic to get vaccinated against the measles. There's been an outbreak of measles among the Amish in central Ohio. Sarah Jane Tribble/Sarah Jane Tribble hide caption

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David Chance recuperates at Oregon Health and Science University. Kristian Foden-Vencil /Oregon Public Broadcasting hide caption

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Dorothea Handron suffered an infection after a surgeon unknowingly pierced her bowel during a hernia operation. She became so ill that doctors placed her in a medically induced coma for six weeks. Jim R. Bounds/AP Images for Kaiser Health News hide caption

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Dave Pomeranz, Ryan McGarry and William Mallon are some of the real-life ER doctors depicted in Code Black. Long Shot Release 2014 hide caption

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Reid Kennedy, materials manager at San Francisco General Hospital, stands next to racks of saline solution. He has had to carefully manage the hospital's supply of saline during this shortage. Mark Andrew Boyer/KQED hide caption

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