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Emotion seemed to fuel plenty of sighs by Humphrey Bogart's character Rick (right) in the 1942 film classic Casablanca, and even Rick's good friend Sam, played by actor Dooley Wilson, couldn't console him. Archive Photos/Getty Images hide caption

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Maria Fabrizio for NPR

Alchemist Hennig Brand looks focused, if maybe a bit drained, in this 1795 painting by Joseph Wright. The painting depicts Brand's discovery of the chemical element phosphorus. Joseph Wright of Derby/Wikimedia hide caption

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Ben Lecomte has swum across the Atlantic Ocean, and now he aims to traverse the Pacific, which will take him five or six months. Bongani Mlambo/The Longest Swim hide caption

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Tim Kilroy runs a business from his home in Arlington, Mass. His insurance company quit covering the long-acting Ritalin that helps him manage his ADHD. Ellen Webber for NPR hide caption

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A doula is trained to provide advice and support for women through pregnancy and childbirth. Mike Harrington/Getty Images hide caption

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