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Confusion About Health Law Remains Widespread

If you want to call it progress, only 44 percent of Americans were confused in May about what's in the health law President Obama signed in March.

That finding, from the Kaiser Family Foundation's May health tracking poll, is an 11 percentage-point improvement from April, when 55 percent of people didn't understand the law.

Still, more than a third of Americans say they don't know how the law will change things for them or their families. Even though we covered what seemed like every twist and turn of overhaul, we'd probably have said the same thing if Kaiser had asked us.

The Kaiser pollsters keep taking people's emotional temperature on overhaul. Some of those findings were intriguing. In May, 45 percent of people were disappointed in the health law — the same as April. Fewer people said they were pleased — 39 percent, a drop of 6 percentage point since April.

The angry people are still mad by the way. Thirty percent said they were angry about health overhaul in May, same as April.