Richard M. Nixon, then seeking the Republican presidential nomination, addresses an audience in Oregon in May 1968. AP hide caption

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Busts of Cleopatra VII, the last of the Ptolemaic monarchs, on exhibit at The British Museum in London. Adrian Dennis/AFP hide caption

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Ione Brown, at age 47, is featured in a northern Minnesota newspaper, the Park Region Echo in 1950. Brown is the maternal grandmother of NPR's Michele Norris, co-host of All Things Considered. In an upcoming interview with host Michel Martin, Norris shares her family's complex history with matters of race, as chronicled in her new memoir The Grace of Silence.. 'The Grace of Silence' by Michele Norris hide caption

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Witold Pilecki got into Auschwitz before almost anyone in the outside world knew what was really going on there. Wikimedia Commons hide caption

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The Frankfurt Kitchen, designed by Austrian Margarete (Grete) Schuette-Lihotzky in 1926. Courtesy MoMA hide caption

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