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Things We Like (Or: The More Personal, the Better)

As we cull the best essays to post on this here blog, we've noticed that the strongest ones are those that are highly personal. A prime example is Evy from Minnesota's reflection on Pecola Breedlove from The Bluest Eye.

Another example is Clifton Tipon's essay on Lloyd Dobler, the John Cusack character from the film Say Anything. Lloyd's not an especially famous character, but Tipon's description evokes his own personal connection. And that's what makes his essay a good read.

You'll notice, as the series goes on, that some of our radio choices will work that way, too. We'll profile characters you may not have heard of. They're characters who aren't so much iconic as indelible, for one reason or another, to some of us.

We hope you'll enjoy being introduced to them. If not: This here blog is your invitation to disagree.