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Your Turn: Carrie Bradshaw

From Sex and the City, created by Darren Star
Nominated by Susan Ticker

What was it about Carrie Bradshaw that so captured our attention? A huge segment of TV-watchers hung on each of Sex and the City's 94 episodes as if their own lives were playing out on HBO — or maybe it was the lives they wondered why they weren't living.

I caught the show in reruns during a time in my life when I desperately needed distracting. I admit I watched the show secretly hoping to hate its shallow focus on everything hip. I came to understand was that it wasn't about the over-the-top fashions, the in-your-face female sexuality, or the perpetual pursuit of cool.

It was, with Carrie at the epicenter, about humanity. And in spite of the lifestyle — whether we secretly lusted for it or openly disdained it — this humanity is what eventually endeared Carrie (and her Manolos!) to the world.



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For me the show was part escapism, part self-help. I found myself loving that these women didn't have to work, didn't have parents, and managed to look bright and thin even though they partied every night. At the same time, the neurons in my frontal lobe were absorbing the lessons from Carrie's astonishing ability to sabotage a perfectly good relationship.

The glamorization of Carrie's reckless consumerism bugged me, though.

Sent by Callie Kimball | 10:10 AM | 1-10-2008

Carrie Bradshaw's easy going yet glamorous lifestyle is truly admirable. Her social life and career are thriving and she finds ways to relay the most relative and applicable advice to women of this century. The idea of friendship is stressed within her own column as well as in her daily life. Carrie Bradshaw exemplifies the idea that all relationships are not perfect, no matter who you are and how much money you have. Everyone has their own personal ups and downs and it is crucial to have friends to lean on when times are hard. Personally, I can relate with her irreplaceable friendships. Carrie's fashion sense is completely unique. Even though she has multiple pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes, designer clothes and handbags her individuality shines through. The importance of being yourself no matter what and not always conforming to the norm of society is brought out from Carrie's character. Therefore, Carrie Bradshaw's down to earth character overshadows her hip and fabulous lifestyle.

Sent by Kelley Burke | 9:12 AM | 1-25-2008

Although I'm currently watching the reruns, I don't like Carrie at all. She's incredibly selfish and shallow. For some reason, however, I find myself watching episode after episode. Maybe it's the lifestyle -- full of good food and couture clothes that, as a student living in the city, I can't afford although I pass by both everyday.
All I know is that the show is fun to watch to pass the time, but I appreciate the relationships that I have -- friendships with depth and friends who really listen to you, not talk over you. It's almost painful to watch the scenes when the girls are together, as each one interrupts the other to tell the latest story in her own life. The girls never ask detailed questions; they seem too preoccupied with themselves. (But hey, that could also be a result of the show's time limit.)

Sent by Laura Thornsby | 3:51 PM | 3-16-2008