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Your Turn: Elle Woods

From Legally Blonde, directed by Robert Luketic
Nominated by Tiffany Luu

Elle Woods defies the stereotype of the "dumb blonde" and promotes the ideals of the "American Dream." When she is faced with an arduous task, she is driven to do her best, no matter how ridiculous it may be. Woods gives hope for women every where to emulate her persevering character by believing in what may seem like the impossible.

Many would have doubted her success, or even her acceptance to Harvard, but she proved them wrong by working hard while still staying true to herself. She firmly stands up for what she believes in and she encourages others to do the same. One of Elle's exceptional characteristics is that she does not care what others think of her. She does as she pleases, and she does not let anyone get in the way of her pursuit of a dream.



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A rich dumb blonde is often the stereotype used to describe Elle Woods from the hit move Legally Blonde. This iconic figure of glamor and high class breaks the label with which she must face in her daily life. She represents not only the pretty, popular girl in school, but also the ruthless, successful woman that many girls, including myself, strive to be.
Through coining the catch phrase "bend and snap," she becomes a universal advocate for women's self esteem. She spreads confidence to those around her, and inspires women to be comfortable in their own skin.
By working hard and standing up for herself, she exhibits the new generation of women who are no longer in the shadow of the over-dominant man. From the character Elle Woods, I have learned to embrace and be proud of all that I have to offer as a woman.

Sent by Kaitlin Carlyle | 9:16 AM | 1-25-2008

Elle Woods from "Legally Blonde" represents a character who overcomes incredible odds to achieve her dreams of becoming a lawyer. Though not the most naturally gifted person, Elle works her way up the ladder in law school. Along the way, Elle faces harsh criticism from her classmates, professors, and peers, but it does not dampen her spirits. Instead, she maintains her witty and perky personality. Elle learns to believe in herself, even when everyone else has lost confidence in her. She encourages others to take pride in themselves and helps them discover their true potential during her time at Harvard. Elle Woods proves that anyone can accomplish anything, no matter how far-fetched it may seem. She symbolizes girl power and breaks the stereotype of a "dumb blonde."

Sent by Savannah Reeves | 9:17 AM | 1-25-2008

Elle Woods, from the 2001 film Legally Blonde, proves that diligence, faith, and a positive attitude can help you achieve any goal you strive for. In the movie, Elle has everything going for her she's the president of her sorority and she's dating the cutest fraternity boy on campus, Warner. Just when she thinks he is about to propose, Warner dumps her for his important Harvard education and claims she is "too blonde" for him. To win him back, Elle decides she must attend Harvard Law School, too. She provides inspiration for teenagers around the world that once you discover a roadblock in your life, even the least intelligent people can have a way to overcome it with their honesty and a little bit of confidence. My life has been changed by Elle Woods because she taught me that it is possible to accomplish even my wildest of dreams.

Sent by Kelsey Bing | 9:18 AM | 1-25-2008


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