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Your Turn: Lloyd Dobler

From Say Anything, written and directed by Cameron Crowe
Nominated by Clifton Tipon in San Jose, Calif.

Lloyd Dobler is not noticeably handsome and not impeccably dressed. He's neither a scholar nor a man of high social stature. Lloyd has one ambition: Win the heart of class valedictorian Diane Court.

The odds look impossible, foolish even. His friends warn of heartaches. "I wanna get hurt," he says.

Lloyd gets a date (and the girl, eventually) not with aggression, not through fibs, not through wealth and flash, but by simply making her laugh — a simple gesture made against class difference, pessimism, and inexperience. He holds a boom box above his head, playing Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes," echoing someone else's poetry to the woman he loves.

Lloyd is every person striving for dreams and holding faith against the odds. He is the American idea of hope. Undaunted, he made do with very little, remained true to his being, and shared the only thing he (you and I) could give — love.