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Your Turn: Susie Salmon

From The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold
Nominated by Caleigh Tansey

The liveliness of a character from a novel can grasp you in the most profound ways and leave you with a good feeling about the piece you have just read. So, what about those characters that are not so alive?

Susie Salmon of The Lovely Bones is a 14-year old girl who watches her family, friends, and murderer from her heaven above. She not only has to watch her family struggle without her, but think of what she would be doing if she were alive at that very moment.

Susie has many feelings and judgments because she is able to see everything that is going on. When we gossip or tell of something we hear, we don't always know that it's true. Susie is influential because she views life from a different perspective and can help you as a reader appreciate all that you have.