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Elizabeth Blair led off this blog with a post that confessed her fondness for Cookie Monster. Now her magnificent obsession has made it to the radio — and to the video.

As part of our In Character explorations, we convinced Cookie Monster to come to NPR's New York studios, where Elizabeth talked to him about the boundaries of his appetites — and got him to answer a version of the Proust Questionnaire. The video is above, as well as on the story page.

Oh, and you'll definitely want to watch through to the end. Check the expression on Blair's face when Cookie pulls that [spoiler deleted] off the desk to eat it. If you're wondering what she's so alarmed about, I'm guessing it's whether she's going to have to pay for a replacement: Those things run thousands of dollars apiece.



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This is hilarious!! I love cookie monster! I wonder if I could put this on facebook

Sent by Mary | 6:00 PM | 2-10-2008

:D That was fun!
I <3 NPR

Sent by Josh | 6:02 PM | 2-10-2008

Haha, wonderful interview!

Sent by Alice | 6:05 PM | 2-10-2008

Rarely have I seen a celebrity interview so thoroughly informative as this one.

Sent by Avery in Minnesota | 6:14 PM | 2-10-2008

I've always loved Cookie Monster. Thank you for this delightful interview.

Sent by Eric | 6:14 PM | 2-10-2008

Thanks you for bringing us Cookie Monster. He has been a part of our lives as my children grew up, he certainly has toughed my life more than B Spears or other "famous" but irrelevant people. I am watching this with my 7 year old right now. Thank you

Sent by J Sandstrom | 8:20 PM | 2-10-2008

Thank you NPR for a wonderful interview!!! The Incharacter segment with Cookie Monster was captivating! I am 31 and I love the Muppets-- forever!

Sent by lorie | 9:05 PM | 2-10-2008

Thank you.This actually brought me to tears. One time, my friends and I used to say Cookie Monster had a bit of obsessive compusilve disorder, due to his behavior for the sake of cookies. This quickly evolved into a term CMing, for whenever one of us went a little nutty about any food item/tv show/shoes or anything else that makes one act obsessive. Thank you for this interview.

Sent by pradnya parulekar | 9:54 PM | 2-10-2008

lovely! i'm a big fan of cookie myself! i still regret for never buying a tickle-me cookie that came out during the tickle-me elmo craze. the cookie one cracked me up everytime i touched it!

Sent by OlderMusicGeek | 10:04 PM | 2-10-2008

Oh, I love Cookie Monster. This made my weekend. Elizabeth is one lucky gal!

Sent by F | 10:24 PM | 2-10-2008

Thank you so much for this video. It made me laugh and cry with joy. Cookie Monster is such a wonderful and heart-warming character.

Sent by Jay Jones | 12:59 AM | 2-11-2008

This is absolutely, positively, wonderful. Profound silliness. Thank you, Elizabeth Blair. Thank you, Sesame Street. Thank you, Cookie Monster!

Sent by Tim Hunter | 11:07 AM | 2-11-2008

C is for cookie that's good enough for me............

Sent by hello kitty | 11:28 AM | 2-11-2008

had to watch it.after hearing it..that was fun for a Monday!

Sent by Kim | 11:33 AM | 2-11-2008

I seem to appreciate Cookie Monster more and more as I get older. He is one of the original dry humorists, and I laugh every time I watch him. Thank you for such a delightful interview!

Sent by Colleen | 12:36 PM | 2-11-2008

One of the funniest interviews I 've seen on npr! You always keep it fresh, thank you!

Sent by George Neumann | 12:45 PM | 2-11-2008

Dude, Cookie Monster ROCKS!!! Yay, that was awesome! Thanks for making me smile today!

Sent by Brad | 1:13 PM | 2-11-2008

Anyone know where I can find a version of the song, "Menomenah" that closed the segment?

Sent by Zach | 1:27 PM | 2-11-2008

my history teacher showed this to me and my class mates caouse he thought it was pretty cool and we should know about it...........we had a laugh!!!!!!!!! we really needed it too cause we had just taken a test....
when i got home, i showed it to my brothers and they loved it!!!!!!!

Sent by lauren | 6:31 PM | 2-11-2008

That was so funny! Cookie monster must hate Oscar the grouch!

Sent by Rebecca Heinz | 7:42 PM | 2-11-2008

Gimme more, more, more! Me want more fun!

Sent by steve | 9:05 PM | 2-11-2008

Thank you NPR! You've been with me as long as the muppets.

I disagree strongly that cookies are a "sometimes food," in which case Cookie Monster now has super-ego.

Sent by Eric | 9:52 PM | 2-11-2008

Cookie Monster rocks. There is no other way to put it.

I grew up with Sesame Street, and while Grover was my favorite, Cookie Monster was a real close second.

Sent by DLPoff | 10:25 PM | 2-11-2008

My 14yr old son heard this on NPR and told me about it this morning - we're home for a snow day. Nothing would do but to watch the segment AND see the special ending. Now... we're eating cookies, of course.

Sent by Debbie & Zach | 11:22 AM | 2-12-2008

I think what I love about Cookie Monster so much is how much he enjoys life. He lives, for the most part, in the moment and knows simple pleasures are the best.

Sent by Nik Havert | 3:31 PM | 2-12-2008

That was just plain delightful.

Sent by Steve Petersen | 6:47 PM | 2-12-2008

Cookie Monster is one of my favorite Muppets; I even got my son a Cookie Monster costume for his first Halloween.

Zach - Mahna Mahna is on the 'Songs from the Street' CD box set and the 'Platinum Too' CD. It's also on the first-season Muppet Show DVD set. It's probably on other albums, but those are the two that are probably not out of print.

Sent by Christi | 7:22 PM | 2-12-2008

For me Cookie Monster was a sometimes favorite monster. My alltime favorites were Alice (Snuffy the Snuffalupagus's little sistes), Snuffy and Oscar.

Sent by Christina Cody | 10:12 AM | 2-13-2008


Sent by Carole J. Powell | 5:21 PM | 2-13-2008

My 11 and 14 yr old sons have been playing this interview over and over. My own moment of solidarity with Cookie Monster came with, "I don't know what you are talking about, Lady." How many times have I thought the same, listening to Will Shortz and Carl Kasell? :-) Keep this stuff coming!

Sent by Catherine Gibson | 9:56 PM | 2-13-2008

Delightful, sweet and delicious! I remember sitting with my daughters and watching Sesame Street between careers and just loving it. Cookie and Grover were my favorites. Thank you, npr and Ms. Blair for this few minutes of joy and laughter!

Sent by Rich | 10:52 PM | 2-13-2008

My God, you fed him broccoli! And you call yourself a *host*? You have defiled a sacred childhood memory - go hang your head in shame.

Sent by Joe Random | 1:43 AM | 2-14-2008

"C is for cookie, that's good enough for me. yum-yum-yum-yum"

my daughter calls him "cooka-MON-stair" but she absolutely loves him. as do i!

Sent by dave | 1:02 PM | 2-14-2008

That was fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing!

Sent by Andreas | 4:03 PM | 2-15-2008

That interview made the world better. Thanks, NPR.

Sent by Bazzers | 4:14 PM | 2-15-2008


Next, can you interview Triumph the Insult Dog?

Sent by Rich Hudson | 5:45 PM | 2-15-2008

Absolutely, positively funny!


Sent by Shadow Ean | 10:22 PM | 2-15-2008

This is easily one of the most wonderful segments I have ever heard on NPR. Can Elizabeth interview other Sesame Street characters too? Oscar the Grouch should get a chance to defend himself from Cookie Monster!

Sent by fiona | 2:09 PM | 2-16-2008

i used to love the cookie monster when I was little! I still do! And so do all my friends! (Barney freaks me out though!) =S

Sent by cdkshcjk | 11:10 AM | 2-17-2008

verry tru!

Sent by Kirenjot | 11:11 AM | 2-17-2008

That was pretty stupid and a waste of two minutes of my life.

Sent by AM | 11:12 AM | 2-17-2008

having a rough morning and this really made me smile..i would like to upload it to my space can anyone tell me how??

Sent by Catherine | 11:13 AM | 2-17-2008

Hahah this is awesomazing! Is thereb any way i could embed this on another site?

Sent by Daryl | 11:13 AM | 2-17-2008

I love cookie monster he is so funny!
I grew up with him.

Sent by Uzzi | 11:13 AM | 2-17-2008

dj zeke love cookies!!!!!!!!

Sent by dj zeke | 11:13 AM | 2-17-2008

Ihad never seen such an interesting interview.

Sent by Nazi | 11:14 AM | 2-17-2008

Hahahahahaha! So funny!

Cookie Monster is a GOD!

Sent by Jimi | 11:14 AM | 2-17-2008

haha thats so funny! i <3 the cookie monster!!!!

Sent by katie | 11:14 AM | 2-17-2008

Thank you for the amazing interview with Cookie Monster. He is one of my favorites from Sesame Street. I grew up with Sesame Street and would like to thank you for the stroll down memory lane. Good job NPR.

Sent by Mike Lassiter | 11:15 AM | 2-17-2008

Any embeddable code???

Sent by Hishuku Iitema | 11:15 AM | 2-17-2008

HA HA HA!!! halarios!!! I absolutly loved it. Positivly great, COWABUNGA!!

Sent by Anna Masini :) | 11:16 AM | 2-17-2008

the video is going to get alot of attention. cookie monster is like the brad pit of cartoon characters. this was a very funny interview. liked it alot. cookie monster your the best. brings back alot of memories

Sent by william S | 11:16 AM | 2-17-2008

Omg i love this video so funny!!

Sent by Emily | 11:16 AM | 2-17-2008

I am with cookie monster on what i would want God to say "Cowabunga" Haha! What a riot!

Sent by Jimi | 11:16 AM | 2-17-2008

COOOOKIE!!! ahnamnamnamnam! deeelishus!

Sent by SuperduperTracy | 11:16 AM | 2-17-2008

OMG..cookie monstor was hilarious..they should have more interviews with all the muppets!!

Sent by Alexz | 11:16 AM | 2-17-2008

I LOVED Cookie Monster since I was a kid and this was so cute!! There's just that something so loveable about him in his blue furry funny way that is irresistible!! I wish I was interviewing him. What is his Favorite cookie is what I want to know!? lol but don't think he has much discretion! :D

Sent by Susan | 11:17 AM | 2-17-2008

My kids may not have undersood all of it but we all loved it just the same. Cookie Moster rules!!

Sent by Victoria | 11:17 AM | 2-17-2008

Of all my childhood memories, watching Cookie Monster (my favorite) on Sesame Street is one of the best! Thanks for taking me on a journey back in time. That was a joy!

Sent by Linda Aker | 11:17 AM | 2-17-2008

That was great, just exactly what I needed after a rough day of work..

Sent by Pauline | 11:18 AM | 2-17-2008

That was funny!

Sent by Beth | 11:18 AM | 2-17-2008

This is the most intellectual interview I have seen EVER! I wish the politicians and all those snobby stars would be so open and forthcoming in the media. The world would be a better place.

Sent by Syed Hamad Ali | 11:18 AM | 2-17-2008

Nice. teaching kids to be vulgar and selfish like this dumb "Cookie Monster". Worse than Homer Simpson. Only Winnie the Pooh is far worse.

Sent by Bruno | 11:19 AM | 2-17-2008

This 45 year old man in Orlando,FL thought that interview was great. I also would like to see more interviews with other Sesame Street characters.

Sent by Rich | 11:19 AM | 2-17-2008

That was on of the funniest things I have heard or seen all day :D

Sent by Terra | 11:19 AM | 2-17-2008

JUST AWESOME. It's like the song "sure could use a little good news today"....and this is it. Thanks so much for the smile.

Sent by CJ | 11:19 AM | 2-17-2008

I love the part when he says I come all the way to NPR from Seaseme Street

Sent by Adrianna Guiterrez | 11:19 AM | 2-17-2008

Love NPR and love cookie monster, well done people!

Sent by Dave | 11:19 AM | 2-17-2008

What a wonderful interview NPR! I remember watching Sesame Street myself as a child in the early 70's, and now have 3 children of my own, my baby Catherine who is 1 Year Old now watches daily! This is a treasure! Loved every minute of it! We'll be waiting to see your next Sesame Street interview! : )

Sent by Deborah | 11:19 AM | 2-17-2008

I was on the edge of my seat to find out what his favorite bad/dirty word was. He is such a class act!

Sent by samantha | 11:20 AM | 2-17-2008

Cokkie monster is cool. YANKEES RULE!

Sent by JUNEBUG | 11:20 AM | 2-17-2008

Absolutely wonderful! I have been a Cookie monster fan since I was a child. It was good to see him on NPR. Way to go Cookie Monster!!!!

Sent by Betsy | 11:20 AM | 2-17-2008

No matter how old I get, he still makes me smile and laugh. Great piece.

Sent by Mary Susan DolceAmore | 11:20 AM | 2-17-2008

There should be more interviews just like that one.

Sent by TB | 11:21 AM | 2-17-2008

I enjoyed this video very much. For I am fascinated by children shows and the creativity involved and thought this to be one of the most prominent as well as valuable characters on TV in the world today.

Sent by Shayuga Morris | 11:21 AM | 2-17-2008

OMG! This was great, love cookie monster. When are you guys getting The Count on the show or Grover?

Sent by Inso | 11:21 AM | 2-17-2008


Sent by MONTECZUMA | 11:21 AM | 2-17-2008

I have loved Cookie Monster since i can remember, thanks for that it has made my day!!! I couldn't stop laughing

Sent by Stephanie | 11:21 AM | 2-17-2008

hahahah omg so funny whats ur dirty word oscar on coach what do u wanna hear god say when u arive at the holy gates karabunga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ahaha so funny

Sent by sadsad | 11:21 AM | 2-17-2008

Great. I'm 39 yrs old and can still laugh at great characters like cookie monster. Just clean comments with a good meaning.

Sent by Derek | 11:21 AM | 2-17-2008

Very well done...where have those years gone to?? When life was simple and all the drama of our world was rapped up into one line one word, "CoOkIeS!"

Sent by DK Dennis | 11:22 AM | 2-17-2008

Coookie Monster! He was my favorite when I was little. We would yell his name whenever we drove over a bridge and the car made Cookie Monster eating sounds. Although I remember I used to get a little irritated with him as a kid because when he ate cookies so much of them ended up outside his mouth than in. "What a waste of cookies," I thought. This was great. Thank you.

Sent by Kaya Lupa | 11:22 AM | 2-17-2008

this was awesome!!!! i loved it. this was the best interview i've ever seen!!

Sent by Andrea | 11:22 AM | 2-17-2008


Sent by SHAYNA ESTE | 11:22 AM | 2-17-2008

My 2.5 yr old smiled himself silly! I wish there were more things like this for me and my kids to watch!

Sent by Sarah | 11:22 AM | 2-17-2008

Cookie Monster, how cute!

Sent by Fiona Rockwell | 11:22 AM | 2-17-2008

that was very cute indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sent by Mrs. Wollner | 11:22 AM | 2-17-2008

Favorite Word: COOOKIE
Least Favorite Word: OUT-A-COOOKIE

Sent by Sgt C | 11:22 AM | 2-17-2008

That just made my day:)
Now I'm craving a cookie...

Sent by Maya | 11:23 AM | 2-17-2008

That was hilarious! XD

Sent by Aviva | 11:23 AM | 2-17-2008

toast is good and COOKIES TOO!!!!!!!!!

Sent by Toasty | 11:23 AM | 2-17-2008

i got to say way to go npr i loved it!

Sent by kelly collins | 11:23 AM | 2-17-2008

Thank you for sharing this delightful video! I especially enjoyed Cookie Monster's hatred of the word "pusillanimous" and his favorite dirty word. Cowabunga!

Sent by Carolyn | 11:23 AM | 2-17-2008

thanks for this made me laugh!!

Sent by jennifer | 11:23 AM | 2-17-2008

Absolutely wonderful. Good on ya NPR

Sent by Darwin | 11:23 AM | 2-17-2008

40 years of Sesame Street. Few characters in the history of television have ever been so enduring, consistent and so beloved.

Well Done NPR

Sent by Louis | 11:24 AM | 2-17-2008

I loved it! I am 26 and it took me back to my childhood! It was soooo funny. Now back to work I go.

Sent by Shanericka | 11:24 AM | 2-17-2008

That was great!! cookie monster is and will always be a delight, this put a smile on my face and in my heart.

Sent by ros | 11:24 AM | 2-17-2008

Wonderful interview. Cookie Monster was my favorite decades ago, and he still makes me giggle with delight. I like that he has expanded his choice of delicacies to include other food groups (for the sake of modern political correctness) but to see him devour cookies brought back good memories...sure hope that microphone was ok. Thanks for that clip!

Sent by Dorothy Zbornak | 11:25 AM | 2-17-2008

Cookie Monster is my favorite character!! The interview was very funny. Good to know some things about Cookie that aren't touched on during the show.

Sent by Nicholas | 11:25 AM | 2-17-2008

I am 30 years old. When I was a child Cookie Monster was my favorite.

Sent by Will | 11:25 AM | 2-17-2008

That was really cool! Cookie Monster is the best! I loved it...hehehehe!!

Sent by Dawn | 11:25 AM | 2-17-2008

this show was so funny i bet all the kids would like it

Sent by alexandra | 11:25 AM | 2-17-2008

Cookie monster is so cute i just want cuddle with him!!! This is the funniest thing on Npr. LUV IT!

Sent by Elizabeth | 11:25 AM | 2-17-2008

Great video i was really laughing while i was watching it!!!!!!!!!! :) the dirty word was hilarious....hahaha! oscar the grouch!!! he made his point!!! :)

Sent by anne | 11:25 AM | 2-17-2008

Wow it takes you back to being a kid.

Sent by Winnie | 11:26 AM | 2-17-2008

LOL that was funny next needs to be elmo or big bird. I love elmo.

Sent by Becca Willamis | 11:26 AM | 2-17-2008

Awesome Interview!! Thanks:)

Sent by Nosheen Naimat | 11:26 AM | 2-17-2008

Love You Cookie Monster!!

Sent by Gerald | 11:26 AM | 2-17-2008

Cookie Monster IS the best he is my Favorite of them all. Great interview lol

Sent by Chaz | 11:26 AM | 2-17-2008

this was amazing funny stupends thrilling fantastic

Sent by chad | 11:26 AM | 2-17-2008

cookie monster pwns. the monster aint a monster he's a legend to the little ones along with the other characters of Sesame Street. go c.m.!

Sent by justin eva | 11:26 AM | 2-17-2008

thank you for making me laugh... i laugh so hard.. i cried

Sent by francine | 11:26 AM | 2-17-2008

Thank you, it let me be 5 again.

Sent by Pete Tillema | 11:26 AM | 2-17-2008

"me want more cookies. yum yum yum yum." Excellent interview. I love cookie monster, who doesn't?

Sent by Dulline | 11:26 AM | 2-17-2008

can you send this to my myspace page?

Sent by zach | 11:27 AM | 2-17-2008

i <3 cookie monster!!!! he is my favorite sesame street character. not that i watch it....O_o but he pretty cool

Sent by cailin | 11:27 AM | 2-17-2008

I loved when Cookie Monster said his favourite dirty word was Oscar the Grouch.

Sent by Kayla | 11:27 AM | 2-17-2008

Best NPR interview, EVER!

Sent by Cynthia | 11:28 AM | 2-17-2008

OMG! That was hilarious! I sooo love sesame street(I grew up with this show). sooo cute!

COOOOOOOKIE! yum-yum-yum-yum! LOL!

Sent by Xine | 11:28 AM | 2-17-2008

That's cute. I like that. See when you do that again.

Sent by Art | 11:28 AM | 2-17-2008

Wow ! That was great !This is the kind of news we need today,in a world of tragedy....Cookie Monster was a wonderful guest and quick to wit with his answers.I was rolling on the floor with laughter and couldn't help myself !Bert and Ernie would be a great follow-up to that interview .Great job NPR !What a great way to start off the day !

Sent by Paul Muha | 11:29 AM | 2-17-2008

So "out of cookies" is his least favorite word that was obvious. HA!HA! His biggest chalange was the solid metal microphone. GO COOKIE MONSTER!

Sent by Valna | 11:29 AM | 2-17-2008

Aha, this is enjoyable.

Sent by @!!@Tyler@!!@ | 11:29 AM | 2-17-2008

Cookie Monster is the man! he's loved by several generation. My he influence many more. He's a positive figure, funny, loving and so very happy for the simple things like a cookie folks. and whom ever doesn't think so. Loosen up!!

Sent by Milly | 11:29 AM | 2-17-2008

This adorable innocent silliness is just what we need age doesnt matter.Just what the doctor ordered and i needed this Sunday morning. I loved watching Cookie Monster as a little girl and I'm in my 40's now. He still makes me smile and giggle Great Idea!!

Sent by Carolina Martinez | 11:29 AM | 2-17-2008

this is hilarious
luv ya cookie monster
i wonder if i can put this on myspace?

Sent by Imyser | 11:29 AM | 2-17-2008

When my children were toddlers, part of our bedtime routine was for all of us to sing songs from Sesame Street. Each had specific favorites, but "C is for Cookie" was one we all agreed on as one of the Great Ones. They're in their 20's now, but I will make sure they each see this. Thanks for a great smile and memory.

Sent by Glen Sarcona | 11:29 AM | 2-17-2008

I'm 22 years old and the Cookie Monster is still someone I'd enjoy watching!

Sent by Gregory Campbell | 11:30 AM | 2-17-2008

So much better than listening to politicians, Thanks NPR!

Sent by Mark | 11:30 AM | 2-17-2008

thiswas a great way to start a day

Sent by june | 11:30 AM | 2-17-2008

It started out being very cute and funny but the question "IF God Exist"makes me wonder what doubts you are suggesting to young children who watch this?It would otherwise have been a great interview.

Sent by Elizabeth Tyree | 11:30 AM | 2-17-2008

this annoyed me profuesly...coulndt even sit through the whole thing

Sent by nottellin | 11:30 AM | 2-17-2008

This is a wonderful interview! My son loved it! Next you should do Fluffy!

Sent by Jessica Artana | 11:30 AM | 2-17-2008

I agree let's interview all the Sesame Street monsters. Elmo, Big Bird, Ernie, Bert, Oscar, Zoe, Abby, Snuffy, Grover/Supoer Grover, The Count, Telly. Baby Bear, Herry Monster, Guy Smiley and more. Sesame Street is cool. Everybody should watch.

Sent by Sesame Street Super Fan | 11:31 AM | 2-17-2008

This was awesome!! I watched it with my 3 year old and we both thought it was so funny. He's our favorite. So much fun!

Sent by Ili | 11:31 AM | 2-17-2008

I've been a Cookie Monster fan since...well...1970, at my college pals nick-named me "Cookie" cuz of my love for the CM. They even gave me, for Christmas, a Cookie Monster hand puppet...complete with a hole in his mouth to swallow cookies...and cardboard chocolate chip cookies! Yumm!The NPR interview was definitely fun to see! Thanks!

Sent by Steve | 11:31 AM | 2-17-2008

Cookie Monster for president. He can't do any worse. :)

Sent by John | 11:31 AM | 2-17-2008

How could you not love cookie monster???!!!!

Sent by lala | 11:31 AM | 2-17-2008

omg!!!that was sooooo funny...i couldn't stop laughing...

Sent by brianna hanson | 11:31 AM | 2-17-2008

Did that woman just ask, "IF God exists..."? I can't believe she asked that! IF?!?!?!

Sent by gilbert | 11:31 AM | 2-17-2008

I Want My Cookie

Sent by Ichigo | 11:31 AM | 2-17-2008

that is sooooo cute!!!!!!

Sent by Lauren | 11:32 AM | 2-17-2008

omg i love cookie monster and this was hilarious. specially at the end when he tried to eat the microphone.

Sent by mia | 11:32 AM | 2-17-2008

He is the cutest, most adorable, bestest character ever. Cookie Monster just made my entire week! This surely lightened up my mood and I feel a whole lot better now.

Although I'm still getting through the fact that Cookie Monster ate veggies...

0_o . . .

Sent by Mica | 11:32 AM | 2-17-2008

@ you go.

mahna mahna

Sent by greg | 11:32 AM | 2-17-2008

VERY good. VERY funny indeed.. Bravo!


Sent by jason | 11:32 AM | 2-17-2008

I'm in love with this interview he was my favorite monster when I was a child and between us he still is. . .

Sent by Luis | 11:33 AM | 2-17-2008

I respect Cookie deeply for his deep convictions and unshakable philosophies.
I wish there were more like him.
You go, mon!!

Sent by Alexandra Edwards | 11:33 AM | 2-17-2008

Cookie Monster remeinds me of being a kid. he was my all time favorite when I was a kid. Cowabunga Cookie Monster!!!

Sent by Wyn | 11:33 AM | 2-17-2008

This was a wonderful interview!

Sent by CookieMonsterFan1 | 11:33 AM | 2-17-2008

Thanks doing this interveiw. I've loved Cookie Monster since I was a kid.

Sent by Dany | 11:33 AM | 2-17-2008

This was great!!! Every so often you see something that makes you feel like a child again. I sat here, all 6'2" 300 lbs of 37 year old construction worker me, and grinned like a six year old for the whole thing. IT WAS GREAT! THANKS!! Chad

Sent by Chad Snyder | 11:33 AM | 2-17-2008

I just love cookie monster. I have been watching him on Sesame Street since my kids were small...and now they have kids of their own! My kids first birthday cake was a cookie monster!

Sent by Teresa Mizgala | 11:34 AM | 2-17-2008

Precious moment to see Cookie again. I have forwarded this to my grandson so he can begin to enjoy the antics. Right now he's fixated on Fraggle Rock; another great adventure in puppetry with strong teaching elements.

I thought when he got to heaven he would ask for Jim, his creator. Maybe that's second on his list.

Sent by mahdeeq | 11:34 AM | 2-17-2008

I love cookie monster i wish i could meet him!

Sent by Morgan Hawes | 11:34 AM | 2-17-2008

This is the funniest vidio ever.

Sent by Sam | 11:34 AM | 2-17-2008

Hi, I live in Iran and love the "monster". please print the text of the interview since the internet speed in iran is so slow that it would take a life time to download the clip.
Love from Iran

Sent by Bazy | 11:35 AM | 2-17-2008

C is for COOKIE!!!!! im 23, and i still love u cookie monster, and i know that my kids will enjoy watching you and the others every day!

Sent by H Faaborg | 11:35 AM | 2-17-2008


Sent by TAY- TAY | 11:35 AM | 2-17-2008

I thought the interview was very good, and humurous it shows that even in adulthood we all can still have our favorite childhood friends. It just so happens that Cookie Monster is one of mine. It was excellent.

Sent by Terrance Lewis | 11:35 AM | 2-17-2008

Abso-smashingly-lutely phenomenal. Years just seemed to vanish as I watched the interview. Cookie Monster is such an amazing icon, it was fun to see and hear him after sooo many years. It had me in tears, laughing so hard, the second time I watched it.

Sent by Andrew Wisdom (Jamaica) | 11:35 AM | 2-17-2008

That was so Great! Cookie Monster you are the Best! Would love to see more!

Sent by Rich | 11:36 AM | 2-17-2008

i so love the cookie monster...he has beem my all time favorite of seseame street other than elmo that was a acute video

Sent by rach johnson | 11:36 AM | 2-17-2008

This is amazing, Cookie monster is my faoverite Sesame Street character. My kids loved it. I would love to add this to Myspace

Sent by Matt | 11:36 AM | 2-17-2008

I love cookie monster
this interview was so funny!!!!

Sent by nai-nai | 11:36 AM | 2-17-2008


Sent by John | 11:36 AM | 2-17-2008

cookie monster has ruled my heart for 35+ years!!!

way to go blue guy!!!

Sent by wally | 11:36 AM | 2-17-2008

I have been a big fan of Cookie Monster since I was a child. He was my inspiration. I wanted to be like him so much, so that I picked up the habit of eating cookies. Thank you, NPR for having Cookie Monster on your show.

Sent by Tan, Kim Mui | 11:37 AM | 2-17-2008

i never realized how much i love this guy. plus i'm so amused with this video. i wish miss elizabeth could interview each of the rest of the sesame street gang.

Sent by karmen | 11:37 AM | 2-17-2008

That was truly delightful I haven't smiled so much in a long time.

Sent by Ken | 11:37 AM | 2-17-2008


Sent by Faranak Ganjehi | 11:37 AM | 2-17-2008

lol, i think he really did eat the microphone at the very end, the ladies face was priceless, either that or he broke something XD

Sent by Laurence | 11:37 AM | 2-17-2008

Cookie monster rocks he is the greatest muppet of them all even beats out kermit now that says something

Sent by Debbie | 11:37 AM | 2-17-2008


Sent by SAVANNAH | 11:37 AM | 2-17-2008

I loved Cookie from day one. He delighted my kids and is archetypal at this point in my life. Rock on Cookie Monster

Sent by Ann | 11:37 AM | 2-17-2008

That was great! I love it!

Sent by Blue | 11:38 AM | 2-17-2008

This was a great NPR segment, absolutely invigorating, and a wonderful way to help young children become interested in journalism.

Sent by Evie | 11:38 AM | 2-17-2008

Cookie Monster made me laugh when I was 7 and he continues to make me laugh at 37. Great interview!

Sent by Tom | 11:38 AM | 2-17-2008

Thanks for the great video! I posted it on facebook for all to see and love! I mean, who doesnt love cookie monster? What i wouldnt do to meet him in person....

I alsmost did at sesame place when i was 6 but then i found out that it was a fake and cried...haha. Thanks!

Sent by Hannah | 11:38 AM | 2-17-2008

This was soo awesome!! It made my weekend! Cookie Monster your the Best!!
This interview had me and my son on the floor with laughter!! Thanks for the interview!

Sent by Sonia B. | 11:39 AM | 2-17-2008


Sent by Ruby Moon Smith | 11:39 AM | 2-17-2008

Ok, that was fun, but whats up with the favorite "curse word"? No real need to go there.

Sent by AV | 11:39 AM | 2-17-2008

I loved Cookie Monster when I was little. Now my children love him!!!

Sent by Sesame Street Fan | 11:39 AM | 2-17-2008

OUT OF COOKIE ! hahahahaha. Thanks, CM for president

Sent by Andy | 11:39 AM | 2-17-2008

What a great segment. I love cookie monster!! He has always been my favorite on Sesame Street. I draw the line at sardine ice cream too!

Sent by ksshadowfax | 11:39 AM | 2-17-2008

Awww...Thank you so much for taking me back to my childhood years.I just adore Cookie Monster!

Sent by Helen | 11:39 AM | 2-17-2008

i loved it when he started eating the mic.XD

Sent by akane | 11:39 AM | 2-17-2008

Cookie M. is one of my heroes. Funny, and a great philosopher. Good lessons about keeping things simple to be happy. Makes me want to go out and eat a microphone.

Sent by Trish | 11:39 AM | 2-17-2008

That was priceless cookie monster footage. It's amazing how he's not aged over the years ( Must be plastic surgery)

Sent by frank63 | 11:39 AM | 2-17-2008

I am 50 years old and Cookie Monster still makes me laugh. I love him. Cookie Monster and The Count are my most favorite Sesame Street characters. Thank you for this delightful video.

Sent by Baby Ruth | 11:40 AM | 2-17-2008

I saw the interview and loved it. Cookie Monster is adorable in his mischievious way.

Sent by Tina | 11:40 AM | 2-17-2008

i love cookie monster i want to put in on myspace^^

Sent by steve | 11:40 AM | 2-17-2008

that was great

Sent by irene | 11:40 AM | 2-17-2008

This was so cute to watch.. Very nicely done !!1

Sent by Dave | 11:40 AM | 2-17-2008

OMG! Cookie monster is the best and so hilarious.I loved cookie monster as a kid and I still love him now. Thanks for the interview NPR, I enjoyed it.

Sent by Cat | 11:40 AM | 2-17-2008

Awwwwww, I'd love to see his interview after he's out of rehab!!!LOL

Sent by Cheekies | 11:41 AM | 2-17-2008

Much better than having Brit Spears or any other "famous" celeb on the show.

NPR needs to interview more people such as Mister Rogers or fictional characters such as Optimus Prime

Sent by john | 11:41 AM | 2-17-2008

I remember wanting to ride my tricycle into the big 19" console floor TV we had back in the 70's just so I could be on Sesame Street I love Cookie Monster. He helped me understand that "monsters" aren't all bad.

Sent by David Wells | 11:41 AM | 2-17-2008

cookie monstor rules

Sent by jermey | 11:41 AM | 2-17-2008

I think why Elizabeth was so surprised when Cookie Monster took the [not posting spoiler here] away is that when he was eating it it loud to the headphones.

Sent by Derrick | 11:41 AM | 2-17-2008

i love cookie monster so much! that was so funnny

Sent by Gunmetal Grey | 11:42 AM | 2-17-2008

With all the madness going on in the world, Cookie Monster was a much needed break! Thank you for the interview....and thank you to Cookie!!

Sent by terrence mickie | 11:42 AM | 2-17-2008

LOL We used to call our grandfather the COOKIE MONSTER. Thanks

Sent by Hamish MacLeod | 11:42 AM | 2-17-2008

love it! C-O-O-K-I-E!!!

Sent by lulu | 11:42 AM | 2-17-2008

LAWL! that is too funny! I'm going into Puppeteering for my career, stuff like this really inspires me

Sent by Wakerra | 11:42 AM | 2-17-2008

Hahahaha! What's your favorite word?
I'm willing to bet that 99.9999% of all
who have watched this got Cookie Monster's answer correct..

Sent by bootik | 11:43 AM | 2-17-2008

That was so funny Elizabeth asked what is you favorite notty work. Who would ask that that is so funny. can Elmo have a chance to too.

Not that is what I wanted to say!!!!

Sent by Alissa Sturdy | 11:43 AM | 2-17-2008

I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS. PLEASE KEEP IT UP! I wish there were something like this in Honduras...I help out in a radio station (really small one..brand frequency) on my weekends. I will pass on this video to my boyfriend who owns the station. They have a kid's program somewhere in between. WATCHING THIS CLIP WILL DEFINITELY BE AN INSPIRATIONAL MOMENT FOR HIM.

Sent by Lucia Arguello, -THE MED STUDENT | 11:43 AM | 2-17-2008

Very cute

Sent by Vicki | 11:43 AM | 2-17-2008

That was the best! Thank you so much for doing that interview

Sent by Nicole | 11:44 AM | 2-17-2008

Thanks you for bringing us Cookie Monster. He has been a part of our lives as my children grew up, he certainly has toughed my life more than B Spears or other "famous" but irrelevant people. I am watching this with my 7 year old right now. Thank you

Sent by J Sandstrom | 8:20 PM ET | 02-10-2008

Hmm I think even B.Spears can type better than that... lol

Sent by cookiemonster | 11:44 AM | 2-17-2008

Have more celebrity interviews like this one. I enjoyed it. I'm a cookie monster myself.

Sent by Paul | 11:44 AM | 2-17-2008

me love cookie monster!!!!!

Sent by ll | 11:44 AM | 2-17-2008

That was awesome! I love Cookie Monster!

Sent by Kim del Castillo | 11:44 AM | 2-17-2008

I loved the Cookie Monster interview. It was soo funny!:D I hope more Cookie Monster items hit the stores. He has always been my favorite monster since I was a child.

Sent by Jolene Schonchin | 11:44 AM | 2-17-2008

That was Cute!!

Sent by David | 11:44 AM | 2-17-2008

Very Cute ! Me Love Cookie

Sent by Ed | 11:44 AM | 2-17-2008

COWABUNGA!!! Amen Cookie Monster, I'd like to hear God say that as well.

Sent by Jarred | 11:45 AM | 2-17-2008

It's a rare thing to be entertained that thoroughly these days by something so wholesome and creative. My applause.

Sent by Tyler Mock- Pittsburgh Pa | 11:45 AM | 2-17-2008

OMG ROFL! SOOO FUNNY! i want to know if i can put this on my site...

Sent by Andrei | 11:45 AM | 2-17-2008


Sent by Judith Dezarn | 11:45 AM | 2-17-2008


Sent by jah | 11:46 AM | 2-17-2008

tengo 34 a??os y a??ore mi ni??ez como nunca con esta entrevista le confiezo que hasta llore, me gustaria obtener mas informacion de todos aquellos personajes de la familia sesamo para ense??arcelos a mis hijos y sobrinos, gracias

Sent by carlos javier monserrat | 11:46 AM | 2-17-2008

lol. That was funny. For a minute there, I thought he was really going to say a curse word!

Sent by Sarah | 11:46 AM | 2-17-2008

hahaha sardine ice cream!!!

Sent by Jeff | 11:46 AM | 2-17-2008

that was rather cute..

Sent by Clair | 11:46 AM | 2-17-2008

The staying power and enduring popularity of these characters will know no end. It is a true testament to the absolute creative genius and kind spirit of their creators, artists who have left us a legacy that will be as wonderfully vital and integral to every new generation of children who discover them as they were (and are still) to us today. Long after the current headline grabbers of our music, film and sports pop culture have faded away into yesterdays celeb nobodies, our muppet neigbors will still be here to be our friends, make us laugh and maybe even teach our children an alphabet letter or two. There isn't a celebrity alive who wouldn't kill for the popularity, longevity, influence or sheer entertainment value of a Bert and Ernie, Cookie Monster, The Count or any of our wonderful muppet friends. You can keep your celebrity idols and role models thanks. All mine are furry monsters and always seem to know just the right thing to say.

Sent by Michael-Colin Reed | 11:46 AM | 2-17-2008

I wonder if the interview with Cookie Monster occurred because NPR uncovered that he is one of the super-delegates....

Sent by Dave | 11:47 AM | 2-17-2008

to me from me

Sent by james cox | 11:47 AM | 2-17-2008

Oscar the grouch, thats one dirty word :D

Sent by Josh Spencer | 11:47 AM | 2-17-2008

Oh my gosh...i love this vid..=3
can anyone send it to me? it will be much appreciated. ^^

Thanks Elizabeth for interviewing one of my greatest fave on sesame street!??

Sent by Jerse | 11:47 AM | 2-17-2008

I'm 40 and watching this made me feel 7 again - Thanks so much!

Sent by Dan Long | 11:47 AM | 2-17-2008

Made me teary-eyed as this interview brought me back to my childhood days. Always loved Cookie Monster. Loved the way he enjoyed simple things in life. Yep! That's the lesson...devour life as if that's is your last cookie.

Sent by Helen | 11:47 AM | 2-17-2008

hahaha cookie monster is so funny

Sent by makayla | 11:48 AM | 2-17-2008

Best NPR interview EVER!

Sent by Troy Makie | 11:48 AM | 2-17-2008

AWESOME interview COOKIE!!!!! My friend would have loved it too, he was a big fan of urs!

Sent by Eddie | 11:48 AM | 2-17-2008

I loved it!!. Cookie Monster is my favorite monster, he has ADHD like me. Watching Cookie Monster as a child did help me develop a love for life, a love to treat others with respect and of course... cookies!!!

Sent by Kat | 11:48 AM | 2-17-2008

where can I find this video clip? i love it! =)

Sent by Jerson | 11:48 AM | 2-17-2008

Haha I watched Cookie Monster as a little kid- loved it!

Sent by anonymous | 11:49 AM | 2-17-2008

i want this on my myspace. if someone figures it out will you post on here.

Sent by curleegirl | 11:49 AM | 2-17-2008

Ha ha ha ha decent. Cookie rules !

Sent by Speirsylad | 11:49 AM | 2-17-2008

This was so cute and yet so different. It was a great side of Cookie Monster to see. Growing up watching Sesame Street, he was my favorite character and he still is to this day. This interview made me love him even more. I was just so happy he was able to eat cookies again.

Sent by Lea | 11:49 AM | 2-17-2008

It was hilarious and informative. Thank so much.

Sent by RahatAli | 11:50 AM | 2-17-2008

i love cookie monster

Sent by navnith | 11:50 AM | 2-17-2008

"If I have two cookies and you have two cookies, and i take your cookies,I have four cookies". Direct quote from the cookie monster.

Sent by Richard Fields | 11:51 AM | 2-17-2008

I am 68 and a grandma and love the muppets. In 1988 my husband and I went to a costume party for Fat Tues. He went as Big Bird and I went as Cookie Monster. His Mom baked cookies and
wrapped them individually and I handed
them out and we stayed in costume for
4 hours and didnot reveal our identity
until the end of the night. Of course
we got 1st prize!! My husband has since
passed but this is a wonderful memory.
Thanks for the interview!

Sent by Constance Pawlowski | 11:51 AM | 2-17-2008

I grew up with Cookie Monster and he is my favorite monster. Once a classic always a classic!Me love cookies!

Sent by jose m. reyes | 11:52 AM | 2-17-2008

that was great!!! coookie monster rocks!

Sent by billie mosley | 11:52 AM | 2-17-2008

Cracked me up! The ice cream trick was nice, funny too, but Henson Productions might have had a problem with it all over Cookie Monster's fur... Very nice Elizabeth, it brought back good memories...

Sent by Karl | 11:52 AM | 2-17-2008

His voice sounds different from the way I remmember it. Cookie sounded and reminded me of a slightly mentally challenged guy I knew who I'd wrestle with in elementary. He was a challenge. Last time I saw him, he wrestled a guy who pinned him in about three seconds. The guy jumped down, grabbed his legs together, lifted him up, slammed him to the side and pinned him, just THAT fast. I was embarrassed for him big time.

Sent by Bruce Ramsey | 11:52 AM | 2-17-2008

When's she going to talk to the greatest living american - Elmo?

Sent by Casper | 11:52 AM | 2-17-2008

C O O K I E !!!

Sent by Joseph | 11:53 AM | 2-17-2008

I think cookie Monter is a good character for all children, learn namy thing. Im so please many year doing good job on TV show for all children learn before start 1 grade...Thank for TV show many year For my Children ....learning education in the furture.....

Sent by Mylene | 11:53 AM | 2-17-2008

Me want more cookies!!!!

Sent by sky | 11:53 AM | 2-17-2008

Vote for Bert For President. If he would look good on a dollar bill he would really look good in the oval office.

Sent by Vicki | 11:53 AM | 2-17-2008

This is the best interview I have ever seen anywhere. Thanks so much for this as Cookie Monster is my favorite character from Sesame Street. I grew up with Sesame Street.

Sent by John Casbeer | 11:53 AM | 2-17-2008

i really enjoyed that. hes always been my favorite character. thank you

Sent by gail | 11:53 AM | 2-17-2008


Sent by MIMI | 11:54 AM | 2-17-2008

dos cookie monter have a myspace

Sent by david | 11:54 AM | 2-17-2008

This was wonderful I want to see the rest of the Street interviewed.

Sent by Ann | 11:54 AM | 2-17-2008

I enjoyed Cookie, but it was great to see Elizabeth Blair's smile and delight in the interview. It was all beautiful.

Sent by Frank - Minneapolis | 11:54 AM | 2-17-2008

In light of all that has been going on in the world lately, it was great to see something that had nothing to do with B. Spears....honestly.......this was entertaining and refreshing....and shame on whomever thought of offering Cookie the broccoli.....that person should have to eat the ice cream!!!!
Thanks for making me laugh!!!

Sent by leonides c caraffa jr | 11:55 AM | 2-17-2008

Great job.That was good!!!

Sent by Stathis | 11:55 AM | 2-17-2008

Thank you for so much fun! It was delightful.

Sent by Ann | 11:55 AM | 2-17-2008

I now forever love NPR with all my sunfflelufula things. Long live Cookie monster.

Sent by Phil | 11:55 AM | 2-17-2008

After all these years, I still think that Sesame Street is still my biggest hit television show. I still believe that Christmas Eve on Sesame Street is one of my greatest Christmas specials around, and it will always be.

Sent by Israel | 11:55 AM | 2-17-2008

The best interview I have heard in years!

Sent by Kim | 11:55 AM | 2-17-2008

I'd like to see Ms. Blair interview Yoda.

Sent by Eric | 11:56 AM | 2-17-2008

oh i always Love
Seaseme Street. How can you get this on codes so you can copy paste for example and put as bulletin
in Myspace??
I love cookie Monster

Sent by Annoyomus | 11:56 AM | 2-17-2008

someone asked about a copy of Ma na ma na - it's available on the boxed set "Songs from the Street" - might be more than you are looking for, but on the other hand, it's a great trip..

Sent by Kerry | 11:57 AM | 2-17-2008

Haha! That's SO funny, you need to bring like Spongebob or something on the show thingy mabob.

Sent by Katie | 11:57 AM | 2-17-2008


Sent by HER MOMMY | 11:57 AM | 2-17-2008

LOL That was a laugh! ^_^

Sent by Bhaswanth | 11:57 AM | 2-17-2008

Thanks NPR! My little Mikayla is all ready for Elmo!

Sent by Tamika H. | 11:58 AM | 2-17-2008

Should have asked the Cookie Monster if he likes Green Eggs and Ham.

Sent by Elizabeth Hand | 11:58 AM | 2-17-2008

This is funny.

Sent by Silverterror | 11:58 AM | 2-17-2008

Awwww, this is extremely cute. How can you not love Cookie Monster? We all grew up with him

Sent by Jackie | 11:58 AM | 2-17-2008

pu??sil??lan??i??mous /??pyus????l??n??m??s/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[pyoo-suh-lan-uh-muhs] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
???adjective 1. lacking courage or resolution; cowardly; faint-hearted; timid.
2. proceeding from or indicating a cowardly spirit.

Sent by MYarrish | 11:58 AM | 2-17-2008

Sounds like Cookie Monster is becoming health conscious. I can understand why because, Diabetes Monster is far more frightening.

Sent by Bruce Ramsey | 11:58 AM | 2-17-2008

How can you Get
Code to put on Myspace?
I love Cookie Monster =-)

Sent by Annoyumus | 11:58 AM | 2-17-2008

Much respect for cookie monster paving the way for death metal vocalist everywhere, stay metal cookie monster! COOOKIESS!!!

Sent by Satan | 12:00 PM | 2-17-2008

I love the cookie monster! I always have, ever since I was little. Is there any way I could put this on facebook, or e-mail it?

Sent by Courtney | 12:00 PM | 2-17-2008

And you wonder how crap like pokeyman is so popular. Cookie can still make you laugh at any age. coookkiieee! Me like cookie!

Sent by T. Van | 12:00 PM | 2-17-2008

haha, i sure hope God says "COWABUNGA!!" too :)

Sent by greg | 12:00 PM | 2-17-2008

This is hilarious!

Sent by Sabrina | 12:00 PM | 2-17-2008

loved! loved! loved! Made me smile and lol. Hope NPR will have other Sesame Street characters and muppets interviews. p.s. been a fan before Sesame Street.

Sent by IamHappy | 12:00 PM | 2-17-2008

I took one of those fun computer surveys and the Sesame Street character I was most like was Cookie Monster-- so appropriate because I love cookies and I love Cookie Monster even more! I throughly enjoyed this interview! Bring on more Sesame Street!!!

Sent by Natalie Dallimore | 12:01 PM | 2-17-2008

That was positively uplifting...... Cookie Monster's ALL you need after a bad day..... Thank you for keeping our precious childhood memories alive...........

Sent by Shamona | 12:01 PM | 2-17-2008

Cookie Monster is quite the charmer! Thank you NPR for this wonderful program with Cookie Monster. After watching it, I made my mother watch it as well. This was a pleasan treat. Now if only you guys made him put on that Master Piece Theatre outfit with the pipe!! woohooo!

Sent by Gelareh | 12:01 PM | 2-17-2008

I love Cookie Monster and that was funny as hell.

Sent by SeanRoraback | 12:01 PM | 2-17-2008

Cookie Monster is my favorite of all the Sesame Street Charachters.
I cant wait for my 1 yr old niece to discover him for the 1st time

Sent by Twylla Ingram | 12:02 PM | 2-17-2008

At age 54, with a kid in college and one a h.s. senior, Sesame Street is long-gone from our TV. But, I watched this all by myself and was laughing out loud (LOL, in my kids' lingo)! I forgot how much I had enjoyed these characters. Thanks!

Sent by Jerry | 12:02 PM | 2-17-2008

aww that was so great. it made my day.

Sent by Morgan | 12:02 PM | 2-17-2008

Oh, this was so fun to watch! I felt like a child and laughed like one, something I hadn't done in a long time. I love the way Cookie monster talks! I love his appetite! And C is for Cookie, and that's so wonderful for me :) Thank you NPR! I loved it.

Sent by Mehrhoma Christensen | 12:02 PM | 2-17-2008

i soo love cookie monster! in fact, i have his song, c is for cookie as my message tone!

Sent by Charo | 12:02 PM | 2-17-2008

I love Cookie monster This made me Smile!:)

Sent by Sbagel | 12:02 PM | 2-17-2008


Sent by Rob | 12:03 PM | 2-17-2008

this is great i love cookie monster ;)

Sent by Alan | 12:03 PM | 2-17-2008

That was so funny,that was the best interview i have ever seen. Every person who grew up watching Sesame Street needs to see this. It makes me feel like a kid again. Thanks for keeping me young.

Sent by Mario Johnson | 12:03 PM | 2-17-2008

I loved it! Cookie Monster is the best :)Young and old love him. Specially those of us that grew up watching him...wait wouldn't that mean everyone? lol.

Sent by Pamela Alistair | 12:03 PM | 2-17-2008

That was the cutest thing I've ever seen...ever! Cracks me up.

Sent by Dave | 12:03 PM | 2-17-2008

cookie monster is the best!! COOKIES!!

Sent by LUIS PENA | 12:03 PM | 2-17-2008


Sent by Hineraukatauri | 12:04 PM | 2-17-2008

OMG!!i luv it!!

Sent by er | 12:04 PM | 2-17-2008

'C' is for Cookie, thats good enough 4 me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sent by kyle rollins | 12:04 PM | 2-17-2008

This made my morning. Cookie Monster is one of my favorite characters. This was so sweet, and I am glad you did this interview.

Sent by Mary Ellis | 12:04 PM | 2-17-2008

Cooooooooooookie!!!! Loved him with my daughters, and now with my granddaughter. Love it.. Love it.. Love it.. You did an excellent job.

Sent by Danelle (Teacher, Mother, Grandma) | 12:04 PM | 2-17-2008

i loved this!! i love cookie monster, and i hope that there will me more sesame street characters interviewed!! i am personally pushing for Oscar the Grouch and also Elmo.

Sent by Elisabeth | 12:04 PM | 2-17-2008

My 2 year old Grandaughter loved the interview, and we love Cookie Monster.
Great interview!

Sent by Judy Babbar | 12:04 PM | 2-17-2008

I needed a good laugh today! This was so funny! Put a smile on my face!

Sent by Aimee | 12:04 PM | 2-17-2008

lol..It's solid steel.. :)

Sent by Haley | 12:05 PM | 2-17-2008

We dounloaded Mnumana (sp?) from iTunes -- there were different versions to choose from.

My berserker husband wants to know where he can get sardine ice cream. Although we do have an ice cream making machine, so if anyone has the recipe, that would do too!

I LOVE the image of the Big Guy yelling "Cowabunga!" Gives me a new view of Him and sort of restores my faith!

Sent by Bini Regenbogen and Thumper O'Rourke | 12:05 PM | 2-17-2008

If Heaven exists, I want to hear Jim Henson say 'COWABUNGAAAAAA!' when he sees me. This clip was genius... wow! Thanks, NPR, I needed that today.

Sent by Soubriquet | 12:05 PM | 2-17-2008

Watching cookie monster on sesame street was a wonderful part of my childhood back in Nigeria in the early 80s. I fondly remember inviting my dad several times to come watch him. Thanks for bringing him on npr.

Sent by Toyosi Adedoyin | 12:06 PM | 2-17-2008

Thank you for posting this funny blog! This Spring, at Central State University in Wilberforce Ohio, we have a special Honors Colloquium of the Sesame Street Muppets led by a professor from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Will you be interviewing other Sesame Street characters?

Sent by Gail Taylor | 12:06 PM | 2-17-2008

omg.... that was the greatest interview ever....i have always loved cookie monster...this was great....

Sent by all | 12:06 PM | 2-17-2008

That was an awesome interview! I love Cookie Monster. What an American ICON! Great story! Need a smile

Sent by Adam | 12:06 PM | 2-17-2008

NPR is never boring and this illustrates why. Thanks for conducting an interview that appeals to such a broad audience!

Sent by Dean in Ohio | 12:07 PM | 2-17-2008

Loved the Cowabunga! By the way the meaning of Pusillanimous:Lacking courage; cowardly. Love the Cookie Monster! Please give us more like this.

Sent by Kristine | 12:07 PM | 2-17-2008

Loved it!

Sent by Ron | 12:07 PM | 2-17-2008

That was you think you could get my fav... Snuffelofagus????

Sent by Rae | 12:07 PM | 2-17-2008

I grew up with this blue monster, so has my daughters, and now my grandchildren...he just seems to have what it takes to reel in anyone, and memorize them

Sent by long time fan! | 12:07 PM | 2-17-2008

I absolutely loved this. I am 35 years old and still have the stuffed Cookie Monster I got when I was a little kid. He will always be Cookie no matter what they have him eat now.

Sent by Thad Schrader | 12:07 PM | 2-17-2008

That was a great interview. Loved that he ate the broccoli, and said that he loved broccoli, maybe that will help more kids to love broccoli, now that Cookie Monster eats it!!! I grew up watching Sesame Street, and Cookie was always my favorite character!! He still makes me laugh today, at the age of 36!!! I think Elizabeth should interview other characters, such as Oscar, Big Bird, and Burt and Ernie.

Sent by Kathy Burton | 12:08 PM | 2-17-2008

Made my day. Cookie was great when I was a kid, and still awesome at 43!

Sent by Winston Freiberger | 12:08 PM | 2-17-2008

cookie monster is great! made me laugh!

Sent by lizette | 12:09 PM | 2-17-2008

wow he is just the great!!! i can't believe you guys got him wow, still he is my fav. and they should make a movie on all sesame street again they are the best!!!!!!

Sent by d'andriana destefano | 12:09 PM | 2-17-2008

Great interview. I really enjoyed the Cookie Monster. As usual, the performance was fantastic. The operator of Cookie Monster must have found the working room very limited.

Sent by Chuck | 12:09 PM | 2-17-2008

c is for cookie thats good enough for me... he has his own song. I love cookie monster..

Sent by Kevin | 12:09 PM | 2-17-2008

that was wicked funny i watched cookie monster since i was a kid and so does my daughter

Sent by mike bowler | 12:09 PM | 2-17-2008

Thanks, Elizabeth, NPR, and Cookie Monster, my granddaughter, EMMA, and I loved it! Will have to tune in to hear some more.

Sent by maryann Citro | 12:10 PM | 2-17-2008

I am 50 year old and I watched this with my 16 months old daughter. She enjoyed it and waived bye bye to Cookie Monster. Elizabeth seemed to enjoy it too!

Sent by Bayuse | 12:10 PM | 2-17-2008

Thanks NPR, I grew up watching Sesame Street and I love all the muppets especially Cookie Monster. I believe there is a little bit of each muppet inside of us and for me it will always be Cookie Monster. Me want COOOOOOKKKIIEEESSSS!!!!!!!!

Sent by Lenore | 12:10 PM | 2-17-2008

Absolutely wonderful. My grandmother used to call me a "cookie monster" because I ate so many cookies. I disagree with Cookie on one issue. I think Gordon should be on a bank note.

Sent by Joe | 12:10 PM | 2-17-2008

That was absolutely great! What a nice way to reconnect to those sweet childhood memories

Sent by Julie Sommerville | 12:10 PM | 2-17-2008

Thank you for having Cookie Monster in your show =) I was cracking up all the time.. He is such a funny Monster.. My daughter and I were so happy when we seen this!

Sent by Nancy Negrete | 12:10 PM | 2-17-2008

That interview was so cute and funny. Elizibeth's reactions are priceless. VERY WELL DONE. That made my sunday morning. THANKS!

Sent by Walter Papierski | 12:11 PM | 2-17-2008

OUTTACOOKIES! does that count?

I love Cookie Monster!

Sent by jaytee | 12:11 PM | 2-17-2008

i have one simple word that i think will describe my feelings, COOKIE!!!! and if you aint down with that, you know what to do!

Sent by whoodoggie | 12:11 PM | 2-17-2008

That was neat! I'm proud to say that, that was the only radio interview I've ever completely watched. Go cookie monster!

Sent by allie | 12:11 PM | 2-17-2008

this was great i love cookie monster
im gona make my buddy look at this

Sent by we we89 | 12:12 PM | 2-17-2008

Cookie Monster is always a Delight! Takes me back to the day when as a child I grew up with Sesame Street!

Sent by Jane from Holland, Ohio | 12:12 PM | 2-17-2008

can't believe cookie monster can say those ind of words, shouldn'thave answered favorite dirty word question

Sent by upset | 12:12 PM | 2-17-2008

As a student studying to be an Early Childhood educator, I enjoyed this interview thouroughly. I will be showing this interview to my teachers, my friends, and all the children I am involved with. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!

Sent by Lilly | 12:13 PM | 2-17-2008

Hay I like this,do Elmo next plezzzz

Sent by Chriz | 12:13 PM | 2-17-2008

My hero!

Sent by Cowgirl Jeannie | 12:13 PM | 2-17-2008

I love Cookie Monster!!! I feel nostalgic....I love the Muppets

Sent by Marisol | 12:13 PM | 2-17-2008

this is the best interveiw i have ever seen!it was heart warming!i couldnt stop laughing!!

Sent by Althea | 12:13 PM | 2-17-2008

Does Corey Taylor do Cookie Monster's voice?

Sent by (SIC) Demon | 12:13 PM | 2-17-2008

omg. hahaha, i cant believe they interviewed the cookie monster.
i love him!!!!!!!!
this interview just makes me hungry.
i remember watching this show, it was cool. i wish i never grew out of it because its so much fun to watch.

Sent by Holly | 12:14 PM | 2-17-2008


Sent by RA MESH KARTHIKEYA.T.P. | 12:14 PM | 2-17-2008

haha nice interview wonder if i can download it....

Sent by Pool | 12:14 PM | 2-17-2008

real great! we're all having fun!!!

Sent by jenny | 12:14 PM | 2-17-2008

Hilarious fun!

Sent by excelly | 12:14 PM | 2-17-2008

It is so cute. I loved it and it brought laughter to my face,

Sent by vanessa habbercam, 12 | 12:14 PM | 2-17-2008


Sent by Brennan | 12:14 PM | 2-17-2008

Saw this posted on the Yahoo! front page; this interview so very much deserved the publicity. Way to go, NPR! Great interview--I bet James Lipton is wishing *he* could have asked the questions...

Sent by Elizabeth's Mommy | 12:15 PM | 2-17-2008

I actually had a laugh out of that one. I loved the part were you were trying to feed him brocoli. Thanks for a fun interwiew with the cookie monster. I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work guys.

Sent by daisyvan | 12:15 PM | 2-17-2008

Great stuff. How about the lovable, furry monster Grover next? Your ultra-liberal listeners could benefit from a detailed explanation of "near" and "far" in the post-9/11 world!

Sent by Pat McGroine | 12:15 PM | 2-17-2008

OMG! I love this Interview! Cookie Monster is the best ever!!!

Sent by Franchesca | 12:15 PM | 2-17-2008

Thanks for the laugh. I think it is great that Cookie Monster was on the air.

Sent by Dom Colangelo | 12:15 PM | 2-17-2008

Thank You very much.... I really love cookie monster and the gang. I use to watch it with my brother. I wish they would have it on at a time my kid could watch it. This sure did bring back the good time with my brother. Thank you me want cookies

Sent by Charity Warner | 12:16 PM | 2-17-2008

Cookie Monster for President! Ok, at least VP!

Sent by Rick Barlow | 12:17 PM | 2-17-2008

fabulous! took me back to being 6 again - thank you!!

Sent by petra | 12:18 PM | 2-17-2008


Sent by Luis | 12:19 PM | 2-17-2008

My serious question is. Who could not like this character? Whoever it is that doesn't like this does not have a soul. Cookie Monster is the one character that is just genius. Simple, fun, and lovable. Shame on anyone who wished or plotted to have him changed or removed from our world of entertainment.

Sent by James Guy | 12:19 PM | 2-17-2008

i was really sad right now...
this vid really cheered me up!
lovely...thank you...

Sent by swati | 12:19 PM | 2-17-2008

Cookie monster you rock!!!! " I can't believe you ate all those cookies".

Sent by Quinn Formoso | 12:19 PM | 2-17-2008

That was just wonderful. Cookie Monster is my total favorite. Now, I don't remeber much of Seseme(sp?) Street besides Cookie and Big Bird.

Sent by Danielle | 12:20 PM | 2-17-2008

What a way to start my day! Thank you so much for having Cookie Monster on your program. Without a doubt he is definately one of the most endearing characters you've interviewed.

Sent by Celeste | 12:20 PM | 2-17-2008

Loved it!

Sent by Dee | 12:20 PM | 2-17-2008

that is funny :)))))

Sent by edmund | 12:21 PM | 2-17-2008

That was a great interwiew. I really liked it. :-)

Sent by Yasmeen | 12:21 PM | 2-17-2008

LOL! Were can I download this?!

Sent by Naruto | 12:22 PM | 2-17-2008

That Was Way Kool! Need to see more Seasame Street Characters soon!

Sent by orangecamaro1969 | 12:22 PM | 2-17-2008

hey laurie cookie was on sesame st not muppets

Sent by aaron | 12:23 PM | 2-17-2008

Brilliant! This brings back some great childhood memories. I hope you continue to do these segments.

Sent by Kelley | 12:23 PM | 2-17-2008

Cookie Monster is my favorite character!! The interview was very funny. Good to know some things about Cookie that aren't touched on during the show.

Sent by Nicholas | 12:25 PM | 2-17-2008

Where can I find sardine ice cream?!

Sent by Oscar the Grouch | 12:26 PM | 2-17-2008

Cookie Monster is my fave Sesame Street character..."C is for Cookie" never fails to put a smile to my face!!!

Suggestion: How about inviting the Count Von Count for an interview...ask him how he is contributing to putting a positive spin on vampires as well as the origins of his obsessive counting habit.

Sent by Peter | 12:26 PM | 2-17-2008

I agree we should start a new campaign to replace washington on the one dollar bill with Bert...fellow americans come election tuesday lets change this once and for all!!!

Sent by Michael Talal | 12:27 PM | 2-17-2008

That was refresshing. We need news programs like that that are ok to watch withthe kids. I watched it with my son.

Sent by Malia | 12:27 PM | 2-17-2008

Cookie monster is so awesome!!I'm all grown up and STILL love Cookie Monster!! Rock on Cookie :)

Sent by Marita | 12:27 PM | 2-17-2008

Now I know why I always say COOOOKIEEE--It must have inplanted by THE COOKIE MONSTER as a kid.

Sent by FISCH | 12:27 PM | 2-17-2008

gotta love it Can never me to old for cookie monster Cracks me up Have to do other characters from the show as well

Sent by Tim | 12:28 PM | 2-17-2008

That was grand! Two thumbs up!

Sent by Mid | 12:28 PM | 2-17-2008

I love it!! Cookie Monster you still rock!!

Sent by Kim Bradford | 12:29 PM | 2-17-2008

I love Cookie Monster! I have always loved him! What a great interveiw!

Sent by Natalie | 12:29 PM | 2-17-2008

CoOKie MoNsTeR iS so CoOl!!! That was a great interviewn

Sent by natie | 12:31 PM | 2-17-2008

I love the Cookie Monster.

Sent by Noami | 12:31 PM | 2-17-2008

A perfect example of why I'm 32 yet still hopelessly in love with Sesame Street. It may be branded as "Children's Television" but the subtle humor uplifts all generations. Cookie Monster was very entertaining but I was intrigued by the pure joy in Elizabeth's face. For a few moments she was a kid again... we can thank the late Jim Henson for that sort of magic.

Sent by Darren Mart | 12:31 PM | 2-17-2008

Omg. I Love this!!

Sent by Eric | 12:32 PM | 2-17-2008

i take it he managed to get the microphone eaten...

Sent by Katerina | 12:33 PM | 2-17-2008

I love Cookie MOnster but this interview is typical NPR. They take an exciting subject and make it boring.

Sent by mark | 12:34 PM | 2-17-2008

cookie monster is awesome. he needs to keep eating everything!!! and not just vegetables

Sent by todd | 12:34 PM | 2-17-2008

I love cookie monster! Thank you for this great interview. I am glad he stayed in character the whole time!

Sent by Eric | 12:34 PM | 2-17-2008

Cookie Monster is the Best! So funny!

Sent by Jonathan Ramirez | 12:34 PM | 2-17-2008

Cookie monster is great classic and very engaging in bringing the realty of life into prespective.

I suggest you bring on the two old fellows in the teather looking on and critizing Curmit and Miss Piggy at the end of the show,you can do a great realistic interview and a variable to this concept online.

But for now, I love Cookie Munster !

Sent by Carel Hans Els | 12:34 PM | 2-17-2008

I absolutely LOVE cookie monster. That was really cool.

Sent by Crystal | 12:35 PM | 2-17-2008

I'm in love with Cookie Monster!

Sent by Oni the Haitian Sensation | 12:37 PM | 2-17-2008

I have always loved Cookie Monster. When I was little I called him Monster Cookie. That was a cool little interveiw.

Sent by ***_Bailey_*** | 12:37 PM | 2-17-2008


Sent by j | 12:38 PM | 2-17-2008

I still love him after all these years

Sent by Angie | 12:38 PM | 2-17-2008

Phenomenal interview! One of NPR's best! Cookie Monster is a true icon of American television (along with his friends). Thanks so much!

Sent by Sophia | 12:39 PM | 2-17-2008

watched this today- woke up my 18yr old son, watched again together- then made cookies together laughing, mum and boy together. thank you!

Sent by wrye | 12:39 PM | 2-17-2008

This was really funny
How cool

Sent by John J Drozd Jr | 12:40 PM | 2-17-2008

That was so cool. I absolutely love cookie monster. My obession of cookies, got me the nickname Cookie Monster. I got a whole collection of Cookie Monster memorabilia from Tickle Me Cookie to my Cookie Monster tattoo.

Sent by Crystal aka Cookie Monster | 12:40 PM | 2-17-2008

Outacookies! <--- We're going to be seeing that word in Webster's dictionary next year.

Sent by Song | 12:40 PM | 2-17-2008

I love Cookie Monster, always have. He is my favorite out of all the characters on Sesame Street. I love to watch my son mimic him when watching Cookie on T.V. Thanks for interviewing him.

Sent by Doug Morris | 12:41 PM | 2-17-2008

That was the greatest thing I have ever seen. I've loved cookie monster since I was little. Kowabunga!

Sent by Liz | 12:41 PM | 2-17-2008

that was the shiiizzzzzz so funny liked that so much!!!!! to funny!

Sent by Big lou | 12:42 PM | 2-17-2008

aw how cute! i loved the part where he said oscar the grouch was a dirty filthy word. how funny. goo cookie monster! <33

Sent by lucy | 12:43 PM | 2-17-2008


Sent by max kerner | 12:43 PM | 2-17-2008

This was great. It brought back many memories. Thanks!

Sent by Armando | 12:44 PM | 2-17-2008

In a world of violence and crime, where our children see shooting and suicide bombers as part of the daily news, isn't it wonderful to laugh at the simplicity and joy these characters bring? After all these years, their message still rings true. Thanks NPR for reminding me!

Sent by Lori | 12:44 PM | 2-17-2008

Wow, did that bring back memories of growing up in the 70's. I wonder if Sammy the sea monster is available or how about the Yup-Yups?

Sent by PJ | 12:45 PM | 2-17-2008

What a way to start the day. I cant wait to show this to my niece and nephew. Thank you :-)

Sent by Jose E | 12:46 PM | 2-17-2008

Thank you for a lovely interview with cookie! Did you know that in Sweden where I live, Cookie is called "Kakmonstret" or "Kakis"? He was and still is one of my favorites even now when I`m soon turning 36. I love his way of speaking. He is very good in speaking different languages! I heard him speak english for the first time today, here in Sweden he is talking swedish very good in his special way. Thank you again!

Sent by Lena Pettersson | 12:46 PM | 2-17-2008

hahahahahaha that was a really good interview,can you interview elmo next time?

Sent by aranza | 12:47 PM | 2-17-2008

Oh wow! That was so funny and cute. Can I get an interview with Cookie Monster next? =D

Sent by Kim | 12:48 PM | 2-17-2008

I like Cookie Monster because I liked him. It was so fun. I liked the movie a lot. I like Cookie Monster eating cookies on a plate. Jacob age 4

Sent by jacob | 12:49 PM | 2-17-2008

bert's face on a dollar bill.... ahahaha!!

Sent by storm | 12:49 PM | 2-17-2008


Cookie Monster will always be my favorite... ^_~

Sent by Madara Uchiha | 12:49 PM | 2-17-2008

I really wonder how she was able to keep a straight face.

Thanks NPR, and keep up the good work.

Sent by Dana | 12:50 PM | 2-17-2008

that was glorious. i love him

Sent by frank | 12:50 PM | 2-17-2008


Sent by Erica Hurd | 12:50 PM | 2-17-2008

I say Cowabonga!

Sent by cookie monster | 12:50 PM | 2-17-2008

I wish she would have asked Mr cookie monster some political questions. That would have been very interesting.

Sent by JASON WALKER | 12:52 PM | 2-17-2008

I just watched this with my 2 and 3 yr old boys. They LOVED it!! It was very cute! Gotta love Cookie Monster!!

Sent by Eileen | 12:52 PM | 2-17-2008

this interview was HILARIOUS, but Heaven DOES exist. other than that, this interview was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sent by Haylie Hawk | 12:52 PM | 2-17-2008

"C" is for cookie, that's good enough for me!!

Sent by Mike | 12:52 PM | 2-17-2008


Sent by c0okiem0nst3r | 12:52 PM | 2-17-2008

What a wonderful way to bring back so many childhood memories of Sesame Street, most importantly the cookie monster. Thank you Elizabeth!

Sent by Cindy | 12:52 PM | 2-17-2008

Is there a way to add this video to myspace??

has got to be the funniest thing I have seen in a looooong time i am full grown man and I had tears rolling down my cheeks from this, Outstanding BRAVO BRAVO!!!

Sent by Tony | 12:52 PM | 2-17-2008

thts fuuny!!!! i <3 cooki monster

Sent by Hermione | 12:52 PM | 2-17-2008

He's a PUPPET people, come on!

Sent by Courtey Angelez | 12:53 PM | 2-17-2008

Absolutely wonderful.
Made me smile this morning.
Starting the day off laughing with Cookie Monster....How much better can that get??

Sent by Gina wro | 12:53 PM | 2-17-2008

Very cute!!

Sent by Yazzy | 12:54 PM | 2-17-2008


Sent by Cookie fiend | 12:54 PM | 2-17-2008

oh wow that was wonderful keep them coming xD

Sent by jessica | 12:55 PM | 2-17-2008

lol that was halarious.

Sent by Magdiel | 12:55 PM | 2-17-2008

Marvelous interview! I love Cookie Monster's answers, they're classic! Especially the dirty word answer..."Oscar the Grouch." Can you imagine it? "Oscar-the-Grouch!! I forgot my keys!"

Sent by Kizzle DeVue | 12:55 PM | 2-17-2008

the interview was amazing!!!!

Sent by ynna | 12:55 PM | 2-17-2008

This so SO adorable. I wanna be a snuffaluffagus too! This takes me back so much to my childhood. I loved Sesame Street.

Sent by Meredith | 12:56 PM | 2-17-2008

In this day of Elmo and Zoe, it is great to see that the originals have not been lost. I have been trying to make sure my son knows about Cookie Monster. He has always been my favorite and because of this interview he can see why.

Sent by Rantz Grotto | 12:56 PM | 2-17-2008

Very cute. Very funny. My 4 year old loved it.

Sent by April R. Taylor | 12:57 PM | 2-17-2008

Kinda dumb :[

Sent by K for Kylie | 12:58 PM | 2-17-2008

Cookie Monster is by far my favorite. A distant second has always been Ocsar the Grouch (he ain't really grouchy, just misunderstood!). I would love to see him defend himself as well. Thanks again NPR for a great job!!

Sent by Jose' RC | 12:59 PM | 2-17-2008

I had always loved watching cookie monster on Sesame Street when I was growing up!! He would always makes me smile! After watching this, it brought back memories and a big smile!!

Sent by Tiffany | 12:59 PM | 2-17-2008

Thank you for bringing cookie monster to us elizabeth. i watched the interview first, then asked my wife to come watch it with me. we both laughed probably the first in a long while. thank you:>) more. more! more!!

Sent by paul and cathie | 1:01 PM | 2-17-2008

I'm very glad to see CTW didn't cave in to critics who called for Cookie Monster to stop eating cookies (which could have resulted in a PC name change to "Occasional Low-Calorie Low-Carb Snack Treat Being").
Good to see the innocence of childhood isn't being suppressed!

Sent by tbd | 1:01 PM | 2-17-2008

A thoroughly fascinating and informative interview. Elizabeth Blair has such a knack for eliciting revealing answers out of her celebrity guests through shrewd observation and calculated questioning of the subject matter. It???s nice to see Mrs. Blair has risen above pseudo-journalism of today???s entertainment-based media, and has instead chosen to tackle the serious issues.

Sent by Walrus | 1:02 PM | 2-17-2008

Loved the interview, but I really feel that Liz was really soft on Mr. Monster.As much as I truly adore Mr. Monster I think there is so much more to his personality than was covered in this interview. It is seldom that this opportunity avails itself and she let the opportunity slip through her fingers. What a shame. I'm sure there is so much more depth to Mr Monster. So it goes.

Sent by Ron Hillman | 1:02 PM | 2-17-2008

That was funny! And I thought God was going to say something like "Welcome to the land of cookies" or something.

Sent by Justin | 1:03 PM | 2-17-2008

Is good to go down memory lane..Cookie M rules forever !

Sent by Magaji Galadima(Nigeria) | 1:04 PM | 2-17-2008

This was very funny..Loved it..Love you Cookie

Sent by sha | 1:04 PM | 2-17-2008

I like the part when cookie monter said that his dirty word was oscar the grouch.

Sent by sebastian | 1:04 PM | 2-17-2008

That was too good. I loved it.

Sent by A Kilted Pirate | 1:04 PM | 2-17-2008

Thank you for that. It was fun. I also love cookie monster. I was even going to decorate my bathroom cookie monster.

Sent by christina Woodell | 1:04 PM | 2-17-2008

cookie monsters a beast!!!!

Sent by calvin | 1:05 PM | 2-17-2008

OMG, that was so hilarious! I'm still laughing! At the end, in heaven, he wants God to say Cowabunga! OH MY GOD!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!

Sent by Eliza | 1:06 PM | 2-17-2008

My 14 month-old daughter and I loved it!!!!

Sent by flo | 1:06 PM | 2-17-2008

i think cookie monster is so awesome and on sesame street i only like him, elmo, and zoey. Also, we both have something in common, we both LOVE cookies!!

Sent by N.Richardson | 1:06 PM | 2-17-2008

I like the part with the microphone at the end, and you could see the guy's shadow head at the end. :)

Sent by DOOMM | 1:06 PM | 2-17-2008

Very, Very amazing. this was truly amazing.

Sent by Ashley in VT. | 1:07 PM | 2-17-2008

What a great way to start my Sunday morning!! I have always loved Cookie , I call my daughter cookie so I will certainly share this with her.
Thank you Jim Henson for the joy you brought into our homes with ALL your are missed!

Sent by Debra | 1:08 PM | 2-17-2008

so cute

Sent by mom | 1:09 PM | 2-17-2008

Cookie Monster has always been my favorite too! Sesame Street began while I was a teen of baby-sitting age, and one of my favorite kid's earliest phrases was an imitation of Cookie Monster ("cookie, cookie, nummnummmnumm"). I love the Muppets, and Cookie has remained my favorite ever since. Thank you, Elizabeth, for being bold enough to be a grown up who admits to loving Cookie Monster, and thank you for a fun and delightful interview!

Sent by Karen | 1:09 PM | 2-17-2008

Thanks for the cookie loving, the day is much brighter!

Sent by Jasin Von Haug | 1:09 PM | 2-17-2008

I thought this was great. very truthful and funny without being mediocre.

Sent by A Fan of Mr. C. Monster | 1:10 PM | 2-17-2008

Best video short clip I've seen!

Sent by Ron | 1:10 PM | 2-17-2008

I absolutely love Sesame Street all around; let's see an interview with Elmo next Please! :)

Sent by Nina Marie Garcia | 1:11 PM | 2-17-2008

He was my fave character from Sesame street when I was growing up. This interview was awesome, thanks for bringing a smile to my face.

Sent by lupe | 1:11 PM | 2-17-2008

Could this girl be anymore boring? is this supposed to be a funny interview?...... Gosh what a bunch boring questions for such a fun character !!!

Sent by aj | 1:12 PM | 2-17-2008

Absolutely loved the interview. I grew up many years ago watching Sesame Street and always cookie monster. How wonderful is it to see they are still loved by many.

Sent by Leroy | 1:12 PM | 2-17-2008

Favorite sound = OM NOM NOM NOM

I lol'd

Sent by Anonymous | 1:12 PM | 2-17-2008

I LOVE this segment. Please never take it down so it can cheer me up whenever I'm sad.

Sent by Liza | 1:14 PM | 2-17-2008

This made my day! And I'm 45...

Sent by Joe Edo | 1:14 PM | 2-17-2008

Just seeing Cookie Monster reminds me of my own childhood. I can't believe how Sesame Street totally made an impact on most of our lives! Does Cookie have a MySpace Page? I totally want to be one of his friends! Hahahahah

I think that Cookie Monster needs a star on Walk of Fame in Hollywood. So does Big Bird, Elmo, Oscar and Burt & Ernie!

Great Interview! I love NPR!

Sent by Shar | 1:14 PM | 2-17-2008

...Cookie Monster has been an inspiration for most of my adult I get to pass his wisdom on to my Grande Children...thanks NPR

Sent by C.W. | 1:15 PM | 2-17-2008

i haven't watched sesame street in a long time, but watching this video brought back memories of watching it when i was little, and i remember laughing when i watched cookie monster, LOL and this video made me laugh too. thanks so much!

Sent by Mal | 1:17 PM | 2-17-2008

Cookie Monster is my all-time favorite character from Sesame Street. I totally enjoy this interview!!!

Sent by Tarishi | 1:18 PM | 2-17-2008

I love Cookie Monster... I still watch it til this day..... its addicting.... i like cookie, bert, ernie, big bird, snuffleupagus, and zoe.... Thanx a bunch

Sent by Jhanai | 1:18 PM | 2-17-2008

This was great! My 2 year old requested to watch it three times and insisted on kissing CM goodbye! Thanks so much for sharing it with us we loved it!

Sent by Ashley | 1:19 PM | 2-17-2008

I love COOKIE MONSTER lol he is so cute

Sent by Hollisecia AKA Storm | 1:20 PM | 2-17-2008

haha this was great. priceless to be correct. loved it.

Sent by Melissa | 1:21 PM | 2-17-2008

Oh goodness - I did not expect this story to make me cry. But Jim Henson and his workshop were/are such wizards at transforming a bunch of faux fur and cloth into things that you easily relate too. God Bless all the muppets! (Especially Rowlf)

Sent by dixie white | 1:21 PM | 2-17-2008

I used to like like Cookie that he supports liberal blather, I'm rethinking the whole thing.

Sent by John | 1:22 PM | 2-17-2008

cookie monster rocks!

Sent by Jennifer lopez | 1:23 PM | 2-17-2008


Sent by KAREN | 1:23 PM | 2-17-2008

This video is hilarious. Cookie Monster has to be my all time favorite Seseame Street character.

Sent by Corrinne Harmon | 1:24 PM | 2-17-2008

lol.....hahahahahahahahahahahaha. I love cookie monster. that was hilarious....My son & daughter were mesmerized at this interview...they love him too.

Sent by cd | 1:24 PM | 2-17-2008

Me love coooookkkiiieeeeee!! That was cute, cookie has always been my favorite Sesame St. character

Sent by Jenn | 1:25 PM | 2-17-2008

Ha ha ha! Cookie monster is so funny! My sister says she likes the part where he says his least fav word is out-of-cookies!!

Sent by Jessica Hampton | 1:26 PM | 2-17-2008

That was the funniest thing I have seen anywhere. I was laughing so hard that my eyes started to tear up. I am still laughing as I type this.

Sent by Michael | 1:27 PM | 2-17-2008

Opthamologist...that alone was hilarious!

Sent by rdjmonty | 1:28 PM | 2-17-2008

That was hilarious!! I know NPR reports the news of the day across the planet-good, bad and ugly, but could Ms Blair interview the two old men of Sesame Street next? I'd love to hear their answers to the Proust Questionnaire!

Sent by Ellen | 1:28 PM | 2-17-2008

I love cookie monster!! He is awesome!!

Sent by Herlanda | 1:29 PM | 2-17-2008

oh man i love CM i play a cookie monster with my son with my hand and i tickle him to tears he loves it

Sent by City view | 1:29 PM | 2-17-2008

This is Crazy I love It thank u

Sent by Chaz | 1:30 PM | 2-17-2008

I want to put this with mahnamahna on my myspace page, cooooooooooooooookie! And I'm sure my grandson will love it!

Sent by hank | 1:30 PM | 2-17-2008

I felt six years old again, thank you!

Sent by Briana | 1:30 PM | 2-17-2008

Absolutely positively warm responses from what I read in the comments. I think there is an interesting social aspect to this.

Sent by Sam | 1:31 PM | 2-17-2008

This was an absolute gem to come across as I signed onto my Yahoo home page. I've already posted the link in a bulletin to my friends on MySpace. The hysterical part was the type of profession Mr. Monster would not perform. I work for an optical company and I was rolf'g. Thank for you for providing us with an insightful and enjoyable interview.

By the way, how much did you charge the producers of Sesame Street for the replacement???


Sent by starrie | 1:31 PM | 2-17-2008

haha this is great!!!

Sent by chandler | 1:33 PM | 2-17-2008

loven it!

Sent by Kate | 1:33 PM | 2-17-2008



Sent by CYNTHIA CUEVAS | 1:33 PM | 2-17-2008


Sent by JUAN G MEDINA | 1:35 PM | 2-17-2008

(smack) Cooooookie! lol

i had to hit re-play on this one.

Bazzers, the cookie does make the world better. so if you want a smile on your face then its not to late for COOKIE 2008! :p

Sent by gotcookie? | 1:35 PM | 2-17-2008

the best interview im seen in years i love the cookie monster

Sent by robert | 1:36 PM | 2-17-2008

Thanks a heck (replace with 4 letter word of your choice) for not bothering to print the story, that wasted 5 minutes of my day waiting for the page to load for nothing.Either due to high cost or just plain not being available in their area, not everybody has a highspeed connection. Video is a complete waste of time for me, you could at least list it as a video so people in my position can ignore it.

Sent by Bruce | 1:36 PM | 2-17-2008

Loved it! Thanks for the smile.

Sent by Carrie | 1:37 PM | 2-17-2008

That was awesome cookie monster rocks

Sent by Brock | 1:38 PM | 2-17-2008

This is one of the funniest interview i've ever seen. Cookie Monster is really funny. My baby sister loves cookie monster, it's her favorite. Can you interview other characters from Sesame Street? My little sister would be so happy watching that. Sesame Street is her favorite t.v. show. thanks..................................

Sent by Ashley | 1:39 PM | 2-17-2008

HAHAHA..."Me Draw the line at sardine ice cream" Great line from Cookie Monster.

Sent by Aaron | 1:39 PM | 2-17-2008

aaawhhh hes sooo cute! totally made my day!!! gotta but this on bebo,piczo,facebook,aimpages!!!

Sent by monica | 1:40 PM | 2-17-2008

That was Crazily Magnificent. I enjoyed that so much. Cookie Monster was always my favorite growing up and I still love him. I laughed so hard, tears flowed down my face. Thank-you for sharing something that can change a person's day around.

Sent by Katrina | 1:40 PM | 2-17-2008

What a wonderful interview, NPR!

It's comforting to know that in a world of ever-changing fads and fleeting interests, the Muppets are timeless. Your interview made in laugh out loud - a wonderful way to begin the day!

I love the way "Cookie" has always unapologetic embraced his foibles.

Lucky Elizabeth - what a privilege this must've been for her!

Sent by Cheryl McCormick | 1:41 PM | 2-17-2008

Done the old fashion way CLEAN AND FUN. Thank You for the interview I really enjoyed it.

Sent by SKA | 1:41 PM | 2-17-2008

cowabunga! i love you Cookie Monster!

Sent by Wren Bunch | 1:42 PM | 2-17-2008

Great interview, in a time where we have so many negative stories on TV it always brings a tear of happiness to se something so sweet and innocent. We should learn from cookie monster and just have fun in life. Thank you cookie!

Sent by Armando | 1:43 PM | 2-17-2008

mi gustar mucho cookie monster please make more enterviews like this and don't run out of cookies because broccoli are no substitute of cookies. muchas gracias

Sent by marcos ramirez | 1:44 PM | 2-17-2008

i love cookiessssssssss!

Sent by max | 1:45 PM | 2-17-2008

I LOOOOOOVE COOKIE MONSTER!!!! he is sooo funny to me!! :] that was a funny interview!!

Sent by cheyenne | 1:46 PM | 2-17-2008

Cookie Monster is one of my two favorite characters ... how about an interview with Animal from the Muppets? Oh, and thank you Cookie - I'll try broccoli again.

Sent by S Potter | 1:46 PM | 2-17-2008

Can this be put on to myspace? I would love to have it on my page, it is extremely funny!

Sent by Susan | 1:49 PM | 2-17-2008

Thank you for bringing in Cookie Monster for an interview. Sure brought back nice childhood memories. He is one of my favorite characters in Sesame Street.

Sent by monina | 1:50 PM | 2-17-2008

I love cookie monster...especially the way he talks....this was a funny interview

Sent by BikiniBabe | 1:51 PM | 2-17-2008

yess!!! cooookieeeeeeeee!!!! lol i love cookie monster!! and i agree, oscar should have a chance to defend himself lol!! tht would b great!!!!!

Sent by cathy | 1:52 PM | 2-17-2008

This was amazing I let my baby watch it and he laughed and giggled, and so did me and my husband it was truely amazing

Sent by Jaydens mom | 1:54 PM | 2-17-2008

It's about time! Cookie and the rest of the Muppets have long been in my list of favorite characters. Kudos to NPR and Ms. Blair for giving me a smile on this snowy...SNOWY! MORE COOKIES!!!!

Sent by John | 1:55 PM | 2-17-2008

hahaha Cowubunga!

Sent by christina | 1:55 PM | 2-17-2008

That was hilarious.

Me draw line at sardine ice cream!

Sent by Steve | 1:56 PM | 2-17-2008

Hey! Does anyone know the URL for this?

Sent by BabyCak3z | 1:57 PM | 2-17-2008

is there a link for this?
I rly want to put it on myspace!!


Sent by Susana Contreras | 1:58 PM | 2-17-2008

Cookie is the MON...

Sent by hj augustus | 2:00 PM | 2-17-2008

It was a very delightful and refreshing interview. Growing up watching Seaseme Street and the muppets, one of my favorite characters was and still is cookie monster. These wonderful shows are becoming an antique (per say) for our day in time. Thanks NPR.

Sent by Michelle mother of 4 | 2:00 PM | 2-17-2008

What a day-brightener! In this age of daily tragedies and sad news, it certainly uplifting to see an interview with a beloved childhood friend. Thanks, NPR!

Sent by Susan | 2:02 PM | 2-17-2008

wow i love cookie monster that was hilariuos

Sent by cm | 2:02 PM | 2-17-2008

Cookie Monster ROCKS!!!

Sent by Kelley | 2:03 PM | 2-17-2008

Cookie Monster is so cute! I'm very happy that we got to learn more about his character!! Thank you NPR!

Sent by Thai | 2:03 PM | 2-17-2008

I just want to say Thankyou!!! Today is my 30th birthday, and that just seriously put a smile on my face. I remember watching sesame street as a kid, but that was just funny. Pure clean fun

Sent by Troy White | 2:03 PM | 2-17-2008

Cookie cookie cookie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
COOKIE MONSTE ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sent by TRAPO | 2:06 PM | 2-17-2008

i just love cookie monster.
i got kind of scared when they asked him what his favorite curse word was but it was funny when his was 'oscar the grouch'..hilarious.

Sent by Jessica | 2:06 PM | 2-17-2008

my last name is "Cook" and while i was serving in the army my 1SGT called me "Cookie Monster" everyone else started calling me "Cookie" and even now my Girl Friend calls me "Cookie Monster". We play around and i try to talk like him while we do it. I have LOVED the Blue guy since i was a little boy and find it an honor to be titled with his name. thank you for the intervew and i am grad he doesn't have a favorite curse word... i think it would kill my childhood love for him if he had one. i have all ways wanted to meat Frank Oz, David Rudman and (because he took over some of Oz's work when Frank left) Eric Jacobson. thanks again.

Sent by Sam Cook(Cookie Monster) | 2:07 PM | 2-17-2008

Totally delightful! Great rapport between Ms. Blair and Cookie Monster. This really brings out wonderful memories sitting with my little children, many years ago! My most memorable episode had Candace Bergen with Cookie as C is also for Candace.

Thanks NPR for the memories.

Claire L.

Sent by Claire L. | 2:08 PM | 2-17-2008

Cookie is my childhood favorite and my daughters now love him, too! As an adult, I get a laugh out of the BIG vocabulary he randomly uses! I wish I had been able to do this interview! Thanks!

Sent by Wendy Yount | 2:09 PM | 2-17-2008

Great Video!!! Very Funny. Is this on You Tube?

Sent by Jonathan | 2:09 PM | 2-17-2008

I agree with Fiona. I want to know more about Oscar!

Sent by Cynthia | 2:10 PM | 2-17-2008

I really miss being a kid, watching Sesame Street. Those were better times for the whole world.

Sent by Andrew Gore | 2:11 PM | 2-17-2008

Hey! I truly loved it. Made me laugh a lot! Thanks

Sent by Nora | 2:12 PM | 2-17-2008

Awesome!!! Gotta love the Cookie Monster:)

Sent by Tams | 2:13 PM | 2-17-2008

pure genius

Sent by Brian | 2:13 PM | 2-17-2008

cookie monster is the man!damn he funny.

Sent by rayray | 2:13 PM | 2-17-2008

I love cookie monster... but my favorite is OSCAR THE GROUCH!!!

Sent by Claudia the grouch | 2:14 PM | 2-17-2008

what was his curse word im just saying
but it was nice to see the cmst

Sent by steven | 2:14 PM | 2-17-2008

I love cookie monster! He was one of my favorite Sesame Street characters.

Sent by Lindsey | 2:16 PM | 2-17-2008

Loved it! Cookie Monster is the man..uh, monster. Thank you.

Sent by Laurin | 2:17 PM | 2-17-2008

That was so cute and refreshing in comparison to all the serious interviews we've been being subjected to lately!!

Sent by Rita | 2:17 PM | 2-17-2008

hilarious, i love the cookie monster!!!

Sent by sasha | 2:18 PM | 2-17-2008

This was a very informative interview. I am so glad he isn't eating carrots all the time like they seem to be pushing on SS these days. I also think Bert would look good on a bank note. He is more interesting and better spoken then most of the other "stars"

Sent by ricbass1984 | 2:19 PM | 2-17-2008

This made my day. He was my favorite as a kid.

Sent by Mateo | 2:19 PM | 2-17-2008

That was very Funny my Daughter loves him so much~

Sent by Elio Salazar | 2:20 PM | 2-17-2008


Sent by G7 | 2:20 PM | 2-17-2008

That is so cute, i loved it.
cookie monster is my all time favorite sesame street character :]

Sent by Thi Pham | 2:24 PM | 2-17-2008

That was so cute! Even after I am all grown up, Cookie Monster can bring a smile to my face. Thanks for this!

Sent by ~Ari~ | 2:26 PM | 2-17-2008

This was a very cute interview. It made me laugh several times. Cookie Monster was very funny!!

Sent by Mikaela B. | 2:26 PM | 2-17-2008

I used to wach Sesame Street and this is so cute for Cookie Monster to be interviewed! :-)

Sent by Fabiola | 2:26 PM | 2-17-2008

Thumbs up! Great interiew. My grandson and I very much enjoyed the show. Cookie monster is the best. We love cookies.

Sent by Theresa | 2:27 PM | 2-17-2008

I luv the cookie monster

Sent by Natalie | 2:27 PM | 2-17-2008

That was the best interview much have us adults grown up and forgot the pleasure of a muppet. We gotta reclaim the kid in ourselves!!!

Sent by Lance Holt | 2:27 PM | 2-17-2008

LOVED IT!!! How can i put this on my site of myspace?

Sent by Jen | 2:28 PM | 2-17-2008

C is for cookie that's good enough for me!!!

Sent by <3 | 2:29 PM | 2-17-2008

That is too funny!

Sent by Colleen Datelle | 2:29 PM | 2-17-2008

The Menomenah song wasn't sesame street. It was the muppet show.

Sent by Tony | 2:30 PM | 2-17-2008

How refreshing to find something non- offensive and delightful to watch for a change.

Sent by Leona Ulrich | 2:32 PM | 2-17-2008

I loved it, COOKIE MONSTER WE LOVE YOU!!!! What a great interview.

Sent by Robin O'Toole | 2:32 PM | 2-17-2008

cookie monster for president !!! he's got more to offer the u.s.a. than any of the current candidates !!! yea !!!

Sent by jane | 2:33 PM | 2-17-2008

Dude, that brought me back to the good-old days of the 70's when I used to watch Sesame Street as a young Kiddo! Thank you so much! Bert was always my farourite, but the Cookie Monster rocks, too! Let's get back to simplicity...Cookie Monster for President and Grover for Vice President! Woo-Hoo!
"C" is for "Cookie"; "Rubber Duckie, Your the One"; ad infinitum...
Good times...good times...

Sent by E-Rock | 2:34 PM | 2-17-2008

Thank you for the walk down memory lane. This is the cookie Monster I remember from my childhood. I was able to put this on my Facebook profile.

Sent by Avril Dial | 2:34 PM | 2-17-2008

I think Sesame Street is a national treasure for all generations. I watched as a kid and my kids watched it. I hope all me decendants get the chance. NPR, you have done a wonderful thing for muppets everywhere.

Sent by mommaliz | 2:35 PM | 2-17-2008

My Favorite "Cookie Monster", thanks for the laugh. It was fun!

Sent by Yvonne Rodriguez | 2:35 PM | 2-17-2008


Sent by VANESSA MORENO | 2:37 PM | 2-17-2008

Best interview in history!

Sent by Edward | 2:37 PM | 2-17-2008

THANK YOU NPR!!! Please make sure corporate reads the comments made by the public - an interview like this sends us a light in amidst the darkness of events caused by dehumanizing politics and the institutionalized cruelty we face everyday.

Sent by matthew | 2:37 PM | 2-17-2008

Wow, what a complete and utter waste of my time!! He didn't break anything at all. The original post is very misleading. At least has funny stuff. This was really stupid!!

Sent by R. Reddy | 2:38 PM | 2-17-2008

COWABUNGA is the perfect thing to say when meeting one's personal divinity. That will be my new meditation mantra. I feel closer to God already. Thanks.

Sent by Ruby | 2:38 PM | 2-17-2008

That was amazing!

Sent by Christian | 2:38 PM | 2-17-2008

C is for COokie its good enough for me!What a GREAT interview!!!! LOVE COOKIE MONSTER!!!

Sent by CEE | 2:39 PM | 2-17-2008

HAHAH! i am 16 yrs old and i still love this dude!!!

Sent by sunako | 2:39 PM | 2-17-2008

That was HILARIOUS! You should really interview Patrick or SpongeBob from "SpongeBob Squarepants" Ms.Blair.

Sent by Lil' Sarah | 2:40 PM | 2-17-2008

is there any way to put this video on a blog ?

Sent by alex | 2:41 PM | 2-17-2008


Sent by ANOMAYAS | 2:41 PM | 2-17-2008

i think its a rather sad commentary on the world when someone decided to change his dietary habits,only because they felt that he might be setting a bad example for children and the child in us all.this would be like popeye without his spinich .why cant you leave well enough not to currently happy with this change.youve really done us all an injustice

Sent by cannon crombie | 2:41 PM | 2-17-2008

Thank you sooooooo much. I really needed that!

Sent by Karla Walker | 2:43 PM | 2-17-2008

I hart the cookie monster....he is my fav muppet!!!!!!!!!

Sent by Akniff | 2:44 PM | 2-17-2008

From the interview, it sounds as if food choices for Cookie Monster are "All things Considered," except Sardine Ice Cream. This is a classic example of why npr is my favorite.

Sent by PJ Trapp | 2:45 PM | 2-17-2008

This made me laugh and cry at the same time. I guess you can never be too old to love Cookie Monster. I am glad he is still eating cookies.

Sent by Lisa | 2:47 PM | 2-17-2008

So funny!I loved this intervew!

Sent by MiMe | 2:47 PM | 2-17-2008

i love this soooooo funny

Sent by Denisa | 2:48 PM | 2-17-2008

whoa i love cookie monster he is super cool

Sent by santos | 2:48 PM | 2-17-2008

what a wonderful segment....... found this quite by accident- and I haven't quit smiling yet......... Cooooookie. me want more cookies.

Sent by marilee | 2:49 PM | 2-17-2008

Very cool. Cookie Monster keeps it real, and this was funny.

Sent by Rick | 2:49 PM | 2-17-2008

"A think it would be great to be big and have a big...snuffle thing,"

Aww...that made my weekend!

Sent by Saraiis | 2:50 PM | 2-17-2008

This was great! I am so relieved because I heard rumors that Cookie Monster was no longer COOKIE MONSTER but veggie Monster and that made me very sad. But this confirms that he now has a more well balanced diet.

Sent by Yo | 2:51 PM | 2-17-2008

COWABUNGA! that was excellent.

Sent by Vik | 2:51 PM | 2-17-2008

thats funny

Sent by why6 | 2:51 PM | 2-17-2008

To CUTE! I LOVE Cookie Monster!

Sent by Jo | 2:52 PM | 2-17-2008

i want this. that was so funny!!!!!!

Sent by matt | 2:53 PM | 2-17-2008

I look back on characters from my youth and it makes me a little sad that I don't get to visit with them anymore.. I loved the interview And it was good to hear this most loved of my childhood memories again

Sent by Curtis | 2:53 PM | 2-17-2008

aww hes soo cute.!

This has just made my week.!
The cutest thing ive seen yet.!

Sent by qaiz | 2:54 PM | 2-17-2008

Hahahahaha, you are so lucky, you get to see cookie monster, my favorite word is COOKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! too.

Sent by shelby | 2:55 PM | 2-17-2008

I love his dirty word. Cookie monster is one of my child hood heros mainly because he could eat cookies all day and i couldn't. Thank you for a wonderful interview the world needed this.

Sent by Lyda | 2:55 PM | 2-17-2008

Omg!!! i love cookie monster!!!! he is so awsome!!!! i was actualy rolling on the floor laughing and my brother (Bryan)was laughing so hard that he was crying!!!!

Sent by Bernae & Bryan | 2:55 PM | 2-17-2008

My good, Cookie is a junkie

Sent by Seth | 2:56 PM | 2-17-2008

i love cookie monster.the end is funny

Sent by jorge | 2:56 PM | 2-17-2008

That was GREAT. Cookie Monster has always been my favorite. Working for/on Sesame Street has got to be one of the best jobs ever. That would be a dream come true for me.

Sent by Michelle | 2:57 PM | 2-17-2008

I LOVED Cookie Monster growing up! Great interview!

Sent by allie | 2:58 PM | 2-17-2008

That was an enjoyable interview, except for the curse word question. Elizabeth should have known better than to ask a beloved children's character such a question. She should reserve a question like that for Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

Sent by Hy | 2:58 PM | 2-17-2008

That was so funny! I love his response to the question about what he'd like to hear God say when he arrived in Heaven: "Cowabunga!" Cookie Monster, you are just too cute!

Sent by Patricia McClain | 2:58 PM | 2-17-2008

This was great. I'm embarrassed to say that when I was little I was afraid of Cookie Monster. When he would come on Sesame Street, I would go run hide behind my dad's recliner and peek out. Keep up the good work NPR!!!!

Sent by Jody | 2:59 PM | 2-17-2008

Love Cookie Monster, even when he eats his veggies! In the midst of this messed up world, Thank You for a fun, make you smile interview!

Sent by Joye - Pennsylvania | 2:59 PM | 2-17-2008

COWABUNGA!! hahaha.. hilarious..??

Sent by jeno | 2:59 PM | 2-17-2008

youtube mahna mahna video

Sent by gina | 2:59 PM | 2-17-2008

Cookie Monster rocks!

Sent by DGWilliams | 3:01 PM | 2-17-2008

That was just plain awsome. I've always loved Cookie monster and this just made me laugh my head of seriously. I really enjoyed waching it.

Sent by Marlene Covarrubias | 3:01 PM | 2-17-2008

I love this interview.Cookie Monster is my all time favorite.Thanks for the laugh.

Sent by loca | 3:03 PM | 2-17-2008

Amazing interview. I have a 14month old son who has opened my eyes to my childhood and re-opened the doors to Sesame Street and whole gang bringing nothing but amazing memories. NPR is amazing!

Sent by Edwin Vazquez | 3:04 PM | 2-17-2008

you rock cookie monster

Sent by adam | 3:04 PM | 2-17-2008

"NEVER EVER" too old for Sesame Street
and "Cowabunga" fabulous

Sent by Michael E Weaver (64) | 3:05 PM | 2-17-2008

I agree with everyone. That was a nice fresh break from all the usual, sensational interviews we see today. I felt 5 years old again.

Sent by Corey | 3:05 PM | 2-17-2008

I Love cookie monster and so so my daughter she would not let me finish changing her clothes untill after the vid.

Sent by Jason | 3:06 PM | 2-17-2008

cookies rock they r the best in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sent by chaca | 3:06 PM | 2-17-2008

That was toooooo cute!! The Cookie Monster is AUSOME!! Thanks NRP That was the absolute best!!


Sent by KiMbErLeY~14 | 3:06 PM | 2-17-2008

cookie monster is way cooler than lame elmo

Sent by Bari | 3:07 PM | 2-17-2008

Cookie monster ROCKS!
Dont 4get to Catch DAVID ARCHUELATA on American Idol.

Sent by Martymall007 | 3:08 PM | 2-17-2008

This was a wonderful interview, I watched many hours of SesameStreet growing up, and it's been a long time since I saw Cookie Monster, I think he's many peoples favorite. Thanks for the smile.

Sent by Crystal Pastien | 3:08 PM | 2-17-2008

lol that was great

Sent by andrew marciniak | 3:09 PM | 2-17-2008

I love Cookie Monster !!! we need this on U tube! congrats on a GREAT interview! this was great!

Sent by Carolina | 3:09 PM | 2-17-2008

Outtacookies - My new least favorite word.

Sent by Kent | 3:09 PM | 2-17-2008 all i can say

Sent by Brandon | 3:11 PM | 2-17-2008

that was great especially for cookie monster fans.

Sent by Abbie | 3:11 PM | 2-17-2008

this is one of the best interviews i have seen in a long time. everyone young and old should see it. good job.

Sent by karin | 3:14 PM | 2-17-2008

i love cookie monster this was the best one i have seen right next the one with martha steward when they were baking of coarse "cookies" hah hah loved it thanks

Sent by marcella, nick name"kukie" | 3:15 PM | 2-17-2008

What a great way to start my day! Thanks npr & cookie monster- keep it coming!

Sent by zhila | 3:16 PM | 2-17-2008

I was having a bad day until I saw this interview. I am still smiling. Thanks for the laughs and keep up the GREAT work. I love u NPR ;)

Sent by Angela Nickell | 3:16 PM | 2-17-2008

How cute!! I looove cookie monster

Sent by Lizzie | 3:16 PM | 2-17-2008

Cookie Monster is awesome!

Sent by Barbara | 3:19 PM | 2-17-2008

Very cute :P Thank you for that interview; we all need to laugh!!!

Sent by Ivy | 3:22 PM | 2-17-2008

Ever since I was a kid I have loved Sesame Street and Cookie Monster. I work with kids now so I get to see the characters still. This was a great interview. Reminds me of the song I sang in college, "C is for cookie, that's good enough for me."

Sent by J.D. Norman | 3:22 PM | 2-17-2008

What a wonderful flashback for a 38 year old man. I was back in front of my parents TV in pajamas loving the Cookie Monster. Thank you for a great interview.

Sent by Chris | 3:29 PM | 2-17-2008

This brightened my whole day. I had to share it with my son who is now grown and he loved it too.

Sent by marla | 3:30 PM | 2-17-2008

ok cookie monster is like my 2nd fav seasane street charactor. and my one of my first words was "cookie" so cookie monster is like an idol to me. loved the video and i wonder if i can put this on Myspace! that would be like so cool

Sent by Laina | 3:33 PM | 2-17-2008

awww i thought it was so cute! i even had to show my son

Sent by Lily Ann | 3:37 PM | 2-17-2008


Sent by bobby | 3:52 PM | 2-17-2008

"60 minutes" dreams it could have hard-hitting, revealing interviews like this. great stuff!

Sent by marc | 4:26 PM | 2-17-2008

Zach - just google "manamana" even though that's not the right spelling and you'll see links to the video on youtube.

Sent by Saurabh | 4:30 PM | 2-17-2008

I loved it! Cookie Monster is hilarious!

Sent by Josh Hamilton | 4:47 PM | 2-17-2008


Sent by Jessi | 5:04 PM | 2-17-2008

Pusillanimous is MY least favorite word too, but I never had the courage to tell anyone!! Wow, thanks Cookie Monster for helping me quash my cowardly spirit!

Sent by Cyndi Merrill | 5:06 PM | 2-17-2008

ha! sooo cute gootta love that cookie

Sent by lea | 5:16 PM | 2-17-2008

Thank goodness that I have had three children spread apart because it gave me an excuse to watch Seasame Street for years. I agree that Cookie Monster is the best because of his love of the moment and his ability to take joy from whatever is in front of him. I will be smiling and singing C is for cookie the rest of the day...thanks!

Sent by Roger | 5:34 PM | 2-17-2008


Sent by Dan | 5:43 PM | 2-17-2008

That interview was wonderful. Cookie Monster Rocks!

Sent by Danielle | 6:21 PM | 2-17-2008

pusillanimous? cookie monster is a muppet of doubtless genius!

Sent by hughmama | 6:50 PM | 2-17-2008


Sent by The Pickle | 6:55 PM | 2-17-2008

Cookie Monster is the best!!! Thank you, NPR.

Sent by Mary Horsley | 8:32 PM | 2-17-2008

I have only one thing to say...we need more of these types of interviews. Forget those empty celebrities....muppets rule.

Sent by beach | 9:48 PM | 2-17-2008

I'm 63. The Muppets were - and still are - some of the most inspired personalities ever created. I have loved them since I saw the very first ones on Johnny Carson. CM rocks! Thanx.

Sent by Pam garlick | 9:55 PM | 2-17-2008

Best interview of the century! I love Cooke Monster.

Sent by Lainey | 10:56 PM | 2-17-2008

One word: mostincredible. it counts for me too, right?

Sent by katie | 11:02 PM | 2-17-2008

Uh hmm...
Ms. Blair: If you were reincarnated as some other plant or animal what would it be?
Cookie Monster: a Snuffalopogus
Ms. Blair: why?
Cookie Monster: me think that it would great to big, with a big snuffle thing, don't you think that would be fun?
Blair: yes

Oh, Ms. Blair! You didn't go there, did you? and I'm still not all that convinced with the Bert and Ernie thing. But here, the suggestion is rather obvious.

Sent by james meyrat | 11:56 PM | 2-17-2008

I'm so glad to hear from Cookie Monster again after thirty years out of touch. He hasn't changed a bit.


Sent by Lee Davis | 1:10 AM | 2-18-2008

Of course he's a Grouch! He's lives in fricken' trashcan!

Sent by Jimmy | 1:43 AM | 2-18-2008

The interview made a lot of Soldiers laugh in Afghanistan...thanks a lot!!!

Sent by Reuben Newton | 1:48 AM | 2-18-2008

Adorable! Cookie Monster is fabulous and wonderfully outrageous. I love how Elizabeth looks so excited to interview him and at the same time as though she's indulging a favorite nephew. Thanks for such an entertaining show!!

PS> My girls kept saying "More cookies, give him more cookies!" - so I replayed that part a few times.

Sent by Helen | 3:58 AM | 2-18-2008

thanks for the interview with cookie monster! it was sublime ^,^)/
- love all the way from singapore

Sent by melanda | 11:13 AM | 2-18-2008

i am so fond of cookie monster!that was completely hilarious!i love everyone in sesame street! kids should watch more of these shows than do video games!

Sent by ruth | 1:25 PM | 2-18-2008

Awwww! This is so sweet! ^_^

Sent by Danielle | 1:28 PM | 2-18-2008

loads of cuteness! heart it ;)
thanks for posting this

Sent by shockway | 1:32 PM | 2-18-2008

As a 35-year old male who watched 'Seseame Street' as a young kid, I loved this.
As a vegan, I really liked the fact that NPR's attempt to imply Brocili (sp?) is gross (like that PG term) and Cookie Monster demonstrated it is real good.

Sent by Jason 'Great White' (Shark: I racist, Then U Evolve) | 4:00 PM | 2-18-2008

I love the cookie monster. It was so funnie too see my favorit monster on npr. :)

Sent by Crysial | 5:24 PM | 2-18-2008

I love Cookie Monster too!

Sent by Jonathan | 7:19 PM | 2-18-2008

I have always loved Cookie Monster!! He's the SS character that I identify the most with, I'll eat just about anything too! LOL! Thanks for doing this interview!

Sent by Angelic | 7:23 PM | 2-18-2008

I always loved cookie monster, but personally he is too addicted to those cookies. I hate how he rags on Oscar the Grouch saying he deserves sardine ice cream and that he is his favorite curse word. I think that teaches kids to hate poor people as if they do not deserve anything that is good. And having him eat the headphones and the microphone was just stupid.

Sent by Ashley | 11:12 PM | 2-18-2008

Thanks a million. My family I have been watching this several times. It is hilarious and makes to great pick-me-up. Other poster are right - you're never too old for Sesame Street.

Sent by b | 8:09 AM | 2-19-2008

Me love Cookie Monster interview! Almost good as cookie!

Sent by Erika | 6:38 PM | 2-19-2008

I'm 27 yrs old and it brought a huge smile on my face, I grew up with Sesame Street and have fond memories, thank you NPR for making my day!

Sent by Kimberly Hammons | 8:09 AM | 2-21-2008

awww i want him as a pet ^_^

Sent by Becci | 11:29 AM | 2-23-2008

Hi, The interview was really amazing, however I have one huge question that I would love to know.
Is someone inside cookie monster? If not how do all of the hand and finger movements work?

Sent by Joel Kafka | 5:57 PM | 2-27-2008

So cool and cute!

Sent by Mary | 11:33 AM | 2-28-2008

haha he's so cute

love cookie monster =D

whats your favorite cookie??

Sent by r0nd0m | 6:17 PM | 2-28-2008

Okay, that's the second time I've ended up wheezing and gasping from laughing so hard at one of your shows (the last was "Concealed Weapons: Eels second set of teeth"). My entire family got a good laugh out of that. NOM NOM NOM NOM.

Sent by Dave | 10:28 PM | 3-3-2008

People: he said Oscar the grouch is a *dirty word* not a *curse word* because - guess what? Oscar lives IN A TRASH CAN! It's DIRTY in there! You gotta think like a 4 year old to understand this stuff. And giving him the sardine ice cream is the same - have you ever seen the show? Oscar loves that kind of stuff! He wants to give it to Oscar because he knows it would make him happy.

This segment is all about analyzing characters so you gotta get it right. :^)

Sent by Ricki | 2:44 PM | 3-4-2008

I used to have the cookie monster hand puppet that came with cardboard cookies that he could eat. I wish I still had it to share with my own kids.Rock on CM! <3 Sesame Street.


Sent by Diane | 9:53 PM | 3-7-2008

This was AWESOME! Can they just make this a regular series where they interview all the Sesame Street and Muppet Show characters? I'd watch it!

Sent by Michelle | 4:36 PM | 3-20-2008

This is amazing. The cookie monster is amazing. I love this.

Sent by Tina Currey | 11:52 AM | 3-22-2008

This video never fail to make me smile.

I love Cookie Monster!

Sent by Joanne | 6:16 AM | 3-24-2008

This is hilarious!!!!

Sent by Stef The Great | 5:43 PM | 4-2-2008

I laughed so hard I cried!!!!

Sent by Stef | 10:36 PM | 4-2-2008

I loved it. Reminded me of my kids when they were very young and loved to watch Sesame Street. Thank you

Sent by Sophie | 2:16 PM | 4-4-2008

cookie monster is very funny:)

Sent by pt | 11:28 AM | 5-7-2008

don't be an oscar the grunch what cookie monster

Sent by nick | 1:39 PM | 5-19-2008

Oh, how I loved this clip! In the late 70s (very early adulthood) I had a 68 Camaro, my first car. I had a Cookie Monster doll that rode with me. Yes, people looked askance when they got in the car, but he was MY Cookie Monster! I was just wondering where that doll ended up. I think I gave it to my very young nephew....

Sent by Lee | 1:13 PM | 5-28-2008

omg this is so funny! yes, i have a fonness for cookies monster too.


Sent by Alison | 4:45 PM | 6-4-2008


Sent by Sasha | 10:36 PM | 7-8-2008