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Your Turn: Charlotte A. Cavatica

From Charlotte's Web, by E.B. White
Nominated by Fran Glick

As an avid reader and a school librarian, I have been fortunate to know many characters in diverse works of fiction written for children and adults. My fourth grade teacher contributed to my development with her daily read-alouds. She chose the best books! It was in her classroom that I met Charlotte A. Cavatica, the heroine of Charlotte's Web by E.B. White.

Charlotte befriends Wilbur, a lonely pig. Declaring Wilbur's qualities by weaving them in spider's silk, Charlotte goes on to save Wilbur's life and teaches all of us of the beauty and value of friendship. Her loyalty and devotion to Wilbur is a model for all of us; she gives with no expectation.

The beauty of this story continues to touch me in the same way it did when I first heard it 35 years ago — only now I am less self-conscious about the tears.