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Your Turn: Frasier Crane

From the TV series Cheers, created by James Burrows and Frasier, created by David Angell
Nominated by Kelly Dean Hansen

When Frasier Crane was introduced on Cheers as a recurring romantic rival, the eventual longest-running character in television history was humbly born.

Kelsey Grammer's inimitable portrayal of the pompous, metrosexual shrink who endlessly engages in self-destructive behavior allowed us to deeply adore the man, flawed as he was. We love Frasier because even though he can't manage his own life, the advice he gives to others, particularly his family, is almost always perfect.

His empathy is real and believable. No matter how often he ruins a romantic relationship, commits a professponal faux pas, or grossly overdoes it, he will always get back on his feet, seemingly a better person, despite the surety that he will sabotage himself again — and redeem himself again.

Frasier's finest moment was a deeply moving, profound toast to brother Niles and his beloved in the eighth season premiere of Frasier. For twenty years, he was America's therapist.



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I agree - Frasier is the best. We just bought and watched all 11 seasons on DVD and watched them all in chronological order, as we could. It was an absolutely delightful experience that is not only immensely entertaining, it allowed me to get away from my other mainstay, Law & Order, which, while it's also very well written, can cause nightmares.

Sent by Sharon | 8:47 PM | 3-30-2008