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A Thorny Rose - Paired With a Nice Chianti

» Mama Rose on 'Weekend Edition Sunday'

» Hannibal Lecter on 'Weekend All Things Considered'

Two inevitabilities: Jeff Lunden, our Broadway go-to guy, gets Patti LuPone and Bernadette Peters to help him get under the skin of one of theater's most outrageous personalities. (Seriously: The real-life model for Gypsy's Mama Rose once pushed a hotel manager out the window.)

For the Web, we've got video from the new Broadway production, competing versions of "Rose's Turn" from the archives, and plenty of interview extras.

Then: You had to know this one was coming, right? NPR's Laura Sydell looks into what makes Hannibal Lecter stick so vividly in our collective imagination.

I've put up a couple of his best moments — never fear, they're safe for the squeamish — along with a few outtakes from Laura Sydell's interview with Jodie Foster.