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Your Turn: Matilda Wormwood

From the novel Matilda, by Roald Dahl
and movie of same name
Nominated by Sydney Meader

Roald Dahl's Matilda.

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Matilda Wormwood didn't have an easy childhood. The daughter of the wicked Harry and Zinnia Wormwood, Matilda was neglected and forced to bring herself up into a cruel world filled with rude big brothers and evil school principals. With no one to turn to in the real world, Matilda turned to books. A brilliant child, Matilda could read by the age of 3 — and was reading literature by 4.

When I was first introduced to Matilda, I was immediately intrigued by her. As a 7-year-old, I thought she was the most amazing person in the world. Smart, brave, and kind, she was exactly the kind of girl I wanted to be. It didn't hurt that she had magical powers and was triumphant in her fight against the monstrous Miss Trunchbull.

Never in my life have I felt as much admiration towards another character as I did towards Matilda Wormwood.



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Great choice! MATILDA remains, 18 years after I first read it, one of my very favorite books.

Sent by MSC | 4:54 PM | 4-25-2008

Matilda was one of my idols while growing up. Especially since my parents thought I spent too much time reading and were always taking my books away. She was a great comfort.

Sent by Alyssa Goss | 11:56 PM | 5-3-2008

I second this one. She made it seem normal for a little girl to love literature. This book came out when I was 11 and totally validated the 'wierdness' of being a bookworm. I now, at age 30, have a degree in english literature and a darling daughter named, yes, Matilda.

Sent by Anisa | 7:41 PM | 5-7-2008

My family life wasn't the best, so, when I discovered Roald Dahl's tortured child characters like Matilda, she became the character that I wanted to be. Smartest girl in the room, blessed with powers that her parents don't seem to notice. Tormented, she finds a way to shine. That's a powerful lesson for children like me to learn.

Sent by Benjamin Carr | 7:26 PM | 5-10-2008

i read that book and it is the best book ever! if you are reading this comment right now i really recommend this book to you.

Sent by Megan 4th grade | 12:56 PM | 5-30-2008

I LOVE this book. I think that your blog was great.

Sent by Emma 4th grade | 1:01 PM | 5-30-2008

I liked the way you describe how smart Matilda really smart she is when she is only 3 and 4.

Sent by 4th Grade | 1:02 PM | 5-30-2008

This book really got to my heart and what happened to Matilda could of happened to anyone.

Sent by Isabel in 4th grade | 1:02 PM | 5-30-2008

This is a really inspiring book about the struggles you can have during childhood, and encourages you to always think out of the box. Matilda rocks!

Sent by Gloria | 9:43 AM | 9-20-2008

i love this book, i would definitely give this book to someone who would like it!

Sent by Jennifer | 8:02 PM | 9-22-2008