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Elementary 'In Character': The Grinch

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Elementary 'In Character': The Grinch

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Elementary 'In Character': The Grinch

Nominated by Morgan, Isaac Dickson Elementary School, Asheville, N.C.
From How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss


Have you ever been like the Grinch? If you said no, you're lying.

One big thing in America is greed. It's not like the flu that you catch — you're born with it. Everyone has a little Grinch in them. Sure, we haven't stolen Christmas, but we've all been greedy — like kindergarteners fighting over blocks, or the world over money.

Most people act like the Grinch sometimes — greedy, sad, alone, wanting a friend — but we always seem to find ourselves. Sure our hearts aren't two sizes too small, and we don't live in a snowflake. But like the Grinch who changed and helped Whoville, we can make a change in our community.

We all must sacrifice to make a difference in our community. The Grinch sacrificed his own happiness for the Whovillens. We might have to sacrifice our happiness for the happiness of others.

Hear Morgan read her essay:

Elementary 'In Character': The Grinch

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Your essay sounded like you were a grownup that wrote it because you about important subejcts in life (greed).

Sent by Isaac Dickson 5th grade student | 1:51 PM | 5-28-2008

Your story made me think about the choices I make and it's true about what you say about the grinch and the U.S.

Sent by Isaac Dickson 5th Grade Student | 1:51 PM | 5-28-2008

What you wrote will change the thinking of many people, including me. I hope your story has the same effect on other people as it did on me

Sent by Isaac Dickson 5th grade student | 1:52 PM | 5-28-2008

I really liked the first two sentences, because it's true about everyone having some Grinch in them.

Sent by Isaac Dickson 5th grade student | 1:55 PM | 5-28-2008

I realy like your story because it makes people realize that every single person is greedy.

Sent by Issac Dickson 5th grade student | 1:57 PM | 5-28-2008

I think that it is true that there is a Grinch in everyone. In Americans there is a big grinch,we are very greedy.

Sent by isaac dickson 5th grade student | 2:02 PM | 5-28-2008

I absolutly loved your story about the Grinch and about greed. I think you're right!

Sent by Isaac Dickson 5th Grade Student | 2:05 PM | 5-28-2008

I agree with Morgan her point is very interesting. She thinks on the other part of us because it is true that we Americans are greedy. But others may think that we are good people, not seeing the little devil that's bestowed upon us hiding deep down.

Sent by Isaac Dickson 5th grade student | 2:09 PM | 5-28-2008

I like it because it's true about the Grinch and his greed.

Sent by Isaac Dickson 5th Grade Student | 2:12 PM | 5-28-2008

These pieces are all suberb illustrations of children who have been well taught to articulate their thoughts and feelings. Who says we are not teaching children well is public schools? Kudos to the kids, their teachers, Ms. Turner, and Ms. Blair. Many thanks for these written treasures.

Sent by Alida Woods | 9:00 PM | 5-28-2008

Keep going Morgan, I can't wait to

Sent by Jo Maddox | 9:18 AM | 5-29-2008

i agree with that everyone has a grinch in them. And that kindergarteners fight over blocks

Sent by Evan Delucca | 12:52 PM | 5-30-2008

I agree with Morgan. We all have some greed in us.

Sent by By a fourth grader at Isaac Dickson student | 12:55 PM | 5-30-2008

i love your esay its great it really points out how the story goes along I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

Sent by Eion Dockery 4th grade student Isaac Elementery school | 12:57 PM | 5-30-2008

America has gotten really greedy. I say that like we haven`t always been greedy. 400 years ago,We just marched into this land like we owned it, and killed most of the native americans. Today, we take more than our fair share of oil, food and water. America has gotten really greedy.

Sent by Sadie | 12:58 PM | 5-30-2008

This is really a heart warming story but its true...about the gread...And I mean the end.

Sent by Dylan Brigman 4th grade | 1:00 PM | 5-30-2008

Great Job Morgan! So true. This made me ask myself, how do I help others? What more can I do? You really got me thinking! Thanks.

Sent by Cindy Srijayanta | 9:37 PM | 6-2-2008