New API Feature : Create Your Own XML Output

Today, we added two updates to the API, as follows:

XML Field Remap
This new functionality allows you to modify our NPRML elements to whatever you want, so your API requests can fit your existing applications without you having to change your code. The remap function allows any node or any attribute to be renamed and it can apply to any number of elements in the document. And again, this only applies to the NPRML output. To see how it works, go to the API Input Reference. In the meantime, here are some examples of how to modify the API query string to implement the remap:

- To change the list element, use "remap=list:newList", which will rename the list node to "newList".

- To change a sub-element of list, use "remap="list.title:newListTitle", which will rename the title node under list to "newListTitle".

- To change the story element, use "remap=list.story:newStory", which will rename the story node to "newStory".

- To change a sub-element of story, use "remap=list.story.title:newStoryTitle", which will rename the title node under story to "newStoryTitle".

- To change a attribute for any element in the NPRML output (even if the node itself was changed), use "remap=story~id:newStoryId", which will rename the id attribute for the story node to "newStoryId".

- To apply many of these changes in a single query, use the comma to separate the remap commands, as follows: "remap=list:newList,story:newStory,story.teaser:newTeaser,

Most Emailed Feed
We also opened up the Most Emailed list through the API. Previously, it was only available as an RSS feed, but now, it can be accessed through the API, including access to full text, audio, images, and other assets that NPR has the rights to redistribute. There are a few limitations in the feed, however, that are not present in any of our other existing options in the API. For example, this feed cannot be mashed-up with any other feeds from the API, it cannot be sorted, and the queries cannot be restricted by date or search term. As a result of these limitations, the Most Emailed feed is also not present in the Query Generator.

To acces the Most Emailed feed, add "id=100" to the API query string.



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