NPR logo Nominated for 5 Webby, 2 EPpy Nominated for 5 Webby, 2 EPpy

It has been a couple of rewarding weeks here at

We recently received notice that we had five Webby nominations and 2 Webby honoree mentions. Last week it was announced that we are finalist for two EPpy awards including one for the NPR API. And just to round things out, we picked up the Golden Dot Award for Vote Report.

The 2009 EPpy Awards are the 14th year of the program honoring the best Web sites in the media world, including newspapers, TV-cable, radio and magazines. The NPR API was nominated in the "Best Community Service Application in a Media-Affiliated Web Site with more than one million unique monthly visitors" category.

Additionally, was nominated overall for "Best Radio Affiliated Web Site". Other finalist in this category include Minnesota Public Radio and American RadioWorks from American Public Media.

The Webby Awards, an international award, was established in 1996 to honor excellence on the Internet. You can vote for the people's choice Webby's here. Our 2009 nominations include:





  • NPR Podcasts in the Podcasts category


  • Project Song in the Music category


  • NPR Music in the Music category


  • in the Radio category


  • NPR iPhone Site in the News category



    We also received Webby "honoree" mentions for:




    • Monitor Mix in the Blog — Culture/Personal category


    • NPR Music Mobile in the Entertainment category



      Finally as mentioned, last week we picked up the Golden Dot Award for the twitter Vote Report for Best Animation or Mashup.


      Woot! Thanks Everyone!

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