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Upcoming Changes to the API

In the next month or so, we will be making some significant changes to Some of these changes are visual, while others are architectural. As a result, there will likely be an impact on the API. That said, we did put in a lot of effort to make the system as backward compatible as possible to ensure that API users would be as minimally affected as possible.

I will post again to this blog soon with more details on the changes. In the meantime, here are some high-level descriptions of what to expect:

1. There will be changes to our topic structure resulting in some topics being eliminated, others being added, and others being renamed. For any changes to existing topics, there will be redirects to corresponding topics that will be maintained for a reasonable period of time to ensure backward compatibility. Our goal is to ensure that any applications that are dependent on specific topics existing will continue to work.

2. There will be some nodes and parameters added to the API output for NPRML. These will largely be to support the new features on They should not break any applications dependent on NPRML unless those applications require that these additional elements do not exist.

3. There will be new products and extensions added to the API. These will not adversely affect any current API calls.

As I mentioned earlier, I will publish to this blog again with more details on the changes as we draw closer. In the meantime, please provide any feedback or concerns about this in the comments section for this post.