NPR logo API Presentation at CPB


API Presentation at CPB

Last week, at the request of Rob Bole, I gave a presentation on NPR's API to the staff of CPB. This presentation was the first in a series that Rob is hosting to expose the staff of the CPB to the rapidly changing technology advancements in the digital media space.

This presentation is largely similar to the presentation I prepared for OSCON, with a few differences. The OSCON presentation focuses more on the technology of the API and digs a little more into the usage from a technical perspective. In the CPB presentation, on the other hand, I spent more time explaining what API's are, why they are useful, and the particular reasons why NPR built the ones that we have. Both presentations share a lot of the more interesting uses of the API across the four major target audiences: NPR, stations, partners and the public.

So, here is the full CPB presentation.

Click here to view the presentation (requires Adobe Acrobat)