NPR logo The NPR Media Player: Better, Stronger, Faster - And Embeddable


The NPR Media Player: Better, Stronger, Faster - And Embeddable

Along with the relaunch of our Web site last week, we've also made important changes to the NPR Media Player. The first thing you'll notice about the new player is its redesigned 'skin' that takes advantage of the cleaner layout found throughout the new We hope this makes it easier for you to navigate the new features of the player and creates a more seamless experience with the website.

The next thing you'll notice is an enhanced listening and viewing experience. The new player was rebuilt to load faster, require less processing power and use less bandwidth than the previous version, which makes it faster to go from clicking a link to enjoying listening or watching a story.

We've added new features that make it easier to share your favorite stories as well. You've always been able to e-mail a story or send a link from the player but now for many stories, you can use the ↓ download button to save audio you haven 't listened to or want to listen to again on your MP3 player. Also, we've added an <> embed button that allows you to copy the media player code and post an embeddable version of it on your blog or Web site. It's the easiest way ever to show off your favorite NPR stories. We hope you'll find the new embeddable player a fun way to enjoy and discover NPR across the Web wherever you are.

Here's an example of the embedded player, using a Fresh Air story from earlier this summer: