Mat Johnson is the author of Pym, Drop, Hunting in Harlem and The Great Negro Plot as well as several graphic novels including Incognegro, Dark Rain and Right State. Meera Bowman Johnson hide caption

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Yvette Benavidez Garcia and her husband, Rene, dropped by the StoryCorps studios to reminisce about Yvette's father, Roy, a Medal of Honor recipient whose daring rescue mission in Vietnam cast ripples into his later life as a father. StoryCorps hide caption

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A crowd waves rainbow flags during the Heritage Pride March in New York on Sunday. Kathy Willens/AP hide caption

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Ben Mezrich at the premiere of 21, the film adaptation of Bringing Down the House. Ethan Miller/Getty Images hide caption

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Comedian Marc Maron interviewed President Obama for his podcast WTF on Friday. Click here to listen to their conversation. Dan Hallman/Invision/AP hide caption

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Shigeru Miyamoto plays the latest Mario game, called Super Mario Maker, at the Nintendo booth Wednesday at this year's E3 video game expo in Los Angeles. Travis Larchuk/NPR hide caption

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Mario Loiseau and his daughter Mabou during a recent visit to StoryCorps. StoryCorps hide caption

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Sean Fitzpatrick (right) with John Gately, at StoryCorps. StoryCorps hide caption

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By clicking "Like" and commenting on Facebook posts, users signal the social network's algorithm that they care about something. That in turn helps influence what they see later. Algorithms like that happen all over the web — and the programs can reflect human biases. iStockphoto hide caption

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Thomas Dunne Books

Vanity Fair's Twitter page shows its July cover with Caitlyn Jenner. The issue and photo shoot had to be planned in secret. Mladen Antonov/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Kurt Schmoke, former mayor of Baltimore, is now the president of the University of Baltimore. Courtesy of the University of Baltimore hide caption

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Len Berk slicing salmon at Zabar's food emporium in New York City. Cosima Amelang/StoryCorps hide caption

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