David Treuer is the author of three previous novels and two books of nonfiction, including Rez Life. He also teaches literature and creative writing at the University of Southern California Jean Luc Bertinin/Courtesy of Riverhead Books hide caption

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"Howard Project" participants (left to right) Kevin Peterman, Taylor Davis, Ariel Alford and Leighton Watson in the Howard University library. Emily Jan/NPR hide caption

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Richard Price is also the author of, among others, Clockers, Freedomland and The Wanderers. Lorraine Adams/Courtesy of Henry Holt & Co. hide caption

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Before a Lakers game this season, Adrián García Márquez and the rest of the TWC Deportes crew tapes a pre-game intro. Nadia Gonzalez/TWC Deportes hide caption

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Lynsey Addario is a photojournalist who has worked in war zones for well over a decade. Kursat Bayhan/Courtesy of Penguin Press hide caption

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Jonathan Banks (left) plays Mike Ehrmantraut, a former cop and a hit man, on the new AMC series Better Call Saul. He often carries out illegal instructions from Saul Goodman (right, played by Bob Odenkirk). Ben Leuner/Courtesy of AMC hide caption

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Research into how the human brain develops helps explain why teens have trouble controlling impulses. Leigh Wells/Ikon Images/Corbis hide caption

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Wendell Scott's son Frank Scott (left) and grandson Warrick Scott at StoryCorps in Danville, Va. Wendell Scott, who died in 1990, was one of the first African-American NASCAR drivers to win a race at the elite level. StoryCorps hide caption

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