Ninety-year-old Sid Radner has had a lifelong fascination with Harry Houdini and tries to contact the escape artist and magician every year on Halloween at the Official Houdini Seance. StoryCorps hide caption

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Beyond The Grave: Contacting Houdini

A lifelong Houdini fan, 90-year-old Sid Radner has been holding seances every year on Halloween, the anniversary of the magician's death, to try to contact him.

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Happiness is a good rhyme: Stephen Sondheim's new memoir takes its title from a lyric that captures what songwriter Paul Simon -- in a New York Times review of the book -- describes as "that feeling of joy, the little squirt of dopamine hitting the brain" when an artist is at work. Courtesy of the author hide caption

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Lawyer Peter Ticktin of the Ticktin Law Group in South Florida poses behind stacks of depositions from "robo-signers" of foreclosure documents. Lynne Sladky/AP hide caption

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Keith Richards is ranked 10th on  Rolling Stone's list of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time. Deborah Feingold hide caption

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In July 2009, Time magazine held an online poll asking who America's most trusted newscaster was; Jon Stewart won with 44 percent of the vote. Kevin Fitzsimmons hide caption

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