FXX started airing all 552 episodes of The Simpsons Aug. 21 in the longest single-series marathon in TV history. AP hide caption

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Fatima Tlisova is an investigative reporter from Russia's North Caucasus region. During the 11 years she worked as a reporter there, she says she was repeatedly threatened and attacked. hide caption

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The Titan II intercontinental-range missile, pictured in 1965, sits ready for launch on its 150-feet-deep underground launchpad. "The one warhead on a Titan II had three times the explosive force of all the bombs used by all the armies in the second world war combined — including both atomic bombs," says investigative reporter Eric Schlosser. Keystone/Getty Images hide caption

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Vital Sounouvou is an African entrepreneur who founded, a company to help promote trade in Africa. Courtesy of Vital Sounouvou hide caption

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