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Jonathan Franzen is also the author of The Corrections: A Novel, and The Discomfort Zone, a memoir. He is pictured above at The New Yorker Festival Fiction Night in New York City in 2009. Joe Kohen/Getty Images hide caption

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After adopting the euro, Greece borrowed huge sums of money. The country is now on the brink of a major default. "They're going to default ... it's now a question of how messy it will be," says writer Michael Lewis. His new book Boomerang looks at Greece and four other places affected by the financial crisis. hide caption

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Social Security has been compared to Ponzi schemes for decades, says Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels. In his new book, he lays out ideas for improving the system. Mark Wilson/Getty Images hide caption

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The New York Giants' Bobby Thomson hits a home run at the Polo Grounds to beat the Brooklyn Dodgers in their playoff game, Oct. 3, 1951. It remains a painful memory for Harvey Sherman. AP hide caption

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Water plant operator Torrey Jones checks the clarity of a sample of treated water at the Beaver Falls Municipal Authority water treatment plant in Beaver Falls, Pa. Keith Srakocic/AP hide caption

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Jalaluddin Haqqani, founder of the Haqqani Network, speaks during an interview in Miram Shah, Pakistan, in 1998. His militant network has thrived and is now considered the No. 1 threat to American troops in Afghanistan. Mohammad Riaz/AP hide caption

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Small startup companies have an advantage, says author Eric Ries: they can test innovative ideas quickly. Here, workers in London talk at TechHub, an office space for technology entrepreneurs. Oli Scarff/Getty Images hide caption

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During a patrol in 2009, Gen. Abdul Raziq of Afghanistan's border police (center) talks with U.S. Lt. Col. William Clark near the Afghan border with Pakistan. Emilio Morenatti/AP hide caption

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A man stands in a sewage-filled street in Fallujah in 2010. The Fallujah wastewater treatment system was left unfinished more than four years past the initial deadline. The sewage facility is among hundreds of projects funded by U.S. taxpayers that remain abandoned or incomplete, wasting more than $5 billion, according to auditors. Hadi Mizban/AP hide caption

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Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan Mahmud Turkia/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Oakland Athletics' first basemen Scott Hatteberg is one of the people profiled in Michael Lewis' 2003 book Moneyball. Dave Kennedy/AP Photo hide caption

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