NPR logo What Is NPR's New 'It's All Politics' Blog About?

What Is NPR's New 'It's All Politics' Blog About?

Well, I've officially switched my NPR duties from NPR's The Two-Way news blog for the time being to writing for this new It's All Politics blog so let's get down to business.

Just a few words about what we plan on doing here. Our goal is to cover and analyze political news from around the nation and the policies that affect politics.

We plan on doing so all the while maintaining the high journalistic standards those who know NPR have come to rely on and appreciate.

That means in a world of superheated partisan blogs, we'll be playing it about as straight as sentient beings can.

If you want your politics and policy news and analysis with a heavy dose of political bias that conforms to your unshakable world view, we likely won't be the place for you.

Does that mean we're completely without bias. Hardly. That's like someone being without sin. We all have biases.

But after watching both Republicans and Democrats up close for many years, many journalists likely share my opinion that neither major party has cornered the market on common sense, wisdom, patriotism or integrity. That would probably be our strongest bias.

One more thing. We'd like to encourage intelligent discussion about politics and policy. We're optimistic enough to believe that the phrase "intelligent discussion about politics and policy" isn't oxymoronic in today's political climate. We'll see how that goes.

Next, a post on what we and the rest of the politics watchers will be looking for in tonight's primaries.