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NY Tea Party Pick Paladino Beats Lazio For GOP Guv Nod

Updated at 11:58 pm ET — The Tea Party movement scored another victory with the win by Carl Paladino, a Buffalo businessman, in the Republican primary for governor.

Paladino beat Rick Lazio, a former congressman who was the candidate of the Republican establishment and was fairly well known in the state, at least at one point. In 2002 he lost a state-wide race against Hillary Clinton for Senate.

Paladino will now take on Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic nominee and popular state attorney general.

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New York's Republican primary for governor isn't looking very promising at the moment for former congressman Rick Lazio.

With about 30 percent of the vote in, Carl Paladino, a Buffalo businessman and Tea Party candidate, has a huge lead.

Again, a very small percentage of the vote is in and typically in New York, the vote from the small upstate counties — Palladino's stronghold — comes in before the New York City vote where Lazio would have more support.

According to the Associated Press, Palladino has 68 percent of the vote versus 32 percent for Lazio.

Whoever wins the Republican nomination won't have long to celebrate because he will face a very difficult race against state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, the very popular son of the very popular former governor.