NPR logo Who Was That Man In Last Week's ScuttleButton Puzzle?

Who Was That Man In Last Week's ScuttleButton Puzzle?

If there is anything in the world more puzzling than having Bristol Palin continue as a contestant on "Dancing With the Stars," it was the identity of the man (button #3) who was in last week's ScuttleButton puzzle.

Scores of emails came in, wondering who that fellow was.

As I've told anyone who asked, I have no idea.  And that's the key.

Spoiler alert:  The answer to the puzzle is about to appear in this blog.

Here are last week's buttons, in case you forgot:

U.S. Senate Scott McInnis '10 — McInnis, a former Colorado congressman, actually ran for governor this year, not the Senate.  He lost the Republican primary to Dan Maes.

Coe for Governor — Earl Coe finished second in the 1956 Democratic primary in Washington.

button of some man — Does anyone recognize this guy?

Donald Mintz Mayor — Mintz lost elections for mayor of New Orleans in 1990 (to Sidney Barthelemy) and 1994 (to Marc Morial).

So, when you add 10 + Coe + man + Mintz, you might end up with ...

Ten Commandments.  The list of moral declarations as spoken by God to the people of Israel that this blog seems to violate most of the time.  Also a Cecil B. DeMille classic movie from 1956, starring Charlton Heston as Moses.

For the record, this week's randomly selected winner didn't need a hint to solve the puzzle.  And that person is (drum roll) ... David Patterson of Limerick, Maine.

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