NPR logo This Week's ScuttleButton Winner: Jim Hopp of San Carlos, Calif.

This Week's ScuttleButton Winner: Jim Hopp of San Carlos, Calif.

I even tell people I'm taking a trip to California, and they still can't figure out the solution to last week's ScuttleButton puzzle.

That's ok.  I'm a subtle kind of guy.  And I'm really laid back in California.  Why, I've even been recycling my plastic bottles here, not to mention my jokes.  It's a whole new me.

But, alas, it's a same old puzzle.  As you can see from last week's buttons:

Ellis Rubin U.S. Senate G.O.P. — A Florida Republican, Rubin lost the 1980 Senate primary to Paula Hawkins.  He also ran (and lost) as a Democrat in the 1994 primary.

Had Enough Adams for Governor Row "D" — Paul Adams was the Conservative Party candidate for governor of New York in 1966, back when the party was on Column D on the ballot.

So, when you add Ellis + D, you might end up with ...

L.S.D. Not the guy who beat Barry Goldwater in 1964.  The mind-altering drug.

And so, this week's winner — and true junkie — chosen completely at random, is (drum roll) ... Jim Hopp of San Carlos, Calif.

I would also like to compliment many of those submitting the correct answer for their clever drug-related language; all such e-mails have since been forwarded to the D.E.A.

One favorite came from Deidre Carroll of Seattle, who added, "Turn on, tune in, TOTN, drop out...something like that...I'm a Deadhead and so I don't always at that butterfly..."

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