NPR logo Canadian Mayor Needed This Like Kick In Head

Canadian Mayor Needed This Like Kick In Head


Here's a video that politicians the world over who are having a bad day should definitely watch. They'll be able to say: At least I'm not that guy.

Winnipeg, Canada mayor Sam Katz had the misfortune in August of accidentally kicking a youngster in the face during a friendly soccer match. (Of course, the kid's misfortune was greater.)

The video of the misplaced kick went viral at the time. Now it's turned up in an apparent mock negative campaign ad.

What it means is Katz, who's in a hotly contested re-election campaign, has to face another round of ridicule.

John Mackey of the New York Times blog The Lede does a good job describing the details. Oh, the kid reportedly survived the kick to the face just fine.