Denver Post Reports Bennet Wins In Colorado : It's All Politics The Denver Post is reporting that Democrat Michael Bennet will win the Senate seat in Colorado.
NPR logo Denver Post Reports Bennet Wins In Colorado

Denver Post Reports Bennet Wins In Colorado

Senate candidate Michael Bennet, right, greets a supporter during an election night watch party in Denver, Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2010.  Hyoung Chang/THE DENVER POST hide caption

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The Denver Post is reporting that Democrat Micahel Bennet will be keeping his seat in Colorado. He was appointed to the seat 22 months ago, and after a race that went down to the wire and according to the paper he has pulled out the narrowest of victories. From the Post:

Long after most Coloradans — including the candidates and their supporters — had gone to bed, returns from Denver and Boulder moved Bennet past Buck and into the lead, 47.5 percent to 47.1 percent.

A recount would be required if the difference between the two candidates' vote totals is less than one-half of 1 percent of the highest vote total, or about 3,900 votes based on current tallies.

Bennet leads by nearly 7,000 votes with an estimated 30,000 still to be counted in Boulder County.

Boulder is an area Bennet is expected to do well in. Other Colorado news outlets are being a little more hesitant and haven't called the race.

Just a quick process note, NPR is using the AP calling of races as our official call, and they haven't made it yet.

Update at 12:19 EDT: The Buck campaign released this statement this morning.

We are still looking where returns need to be reported, as well as provisional ballots before making any decisions.

We will have further comment later today.

Update at 12:30 EDT: But Bennet is already tweeting his victory:

Thank you to everyone who made this victory possible, working tirelessly to ensure we leave more opportunity to the next generation.