A Republican Night ... In Campaign Buttons : It's All Politics A big Republican night, especially in the House, where the GOP has netted at least 60 House seats -- their biggest gain since 1938.  What better way to show it than a display of campaign buttons from the winners.
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A Republican Night ... In Campaign Buttons

We've seen the numbers, the analysis, the charts, everything.

We know that the Republicans, in recapturing a majority in the House after a four-year absence, picked up at least 60 seats — their biggest victory since 1938.

We also know that the Republicans gained six seats in the Senate.  And won some key governorships.

What we haven't seen are the buttons.  Well, no longer.  Below, the GOP sweep in campaign buttons.  (Oops, there's a Brady for Illinois governor button in there; that race hasn't been called yet.)

GOP winners