Attention TSA: Don't Touch My Podcast

Yes, there's North Korea.  Yes, the American people are rebelling against the tyranny of the TSA pat downs (although, to be honest, that's the only reason I fly).  Yes, a decision must be made about the expiring tax cuts.

But first things first.  Bristol Palin finished third in Dancing With the Stars.  Oh, the humanity.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the focus of the pre-Thanksgiving episode of our "It's All Politics" podcast.

Plus: Will the House go along with a censure of Charlie Rangel?  And what to make of Maxine Waters' ethics woes?  The GOP tidal wave in the House reaches 63.  And Joe Miller continues his fight in Alaska.

All that and, sadly, more, in this week's podcast:

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Credits (as it were) —
Nonstop talkers: Ron Elving and Ken Rudin
Producer (and TSA customer): Tom Dreisbach
Editor: Cathy Shaw

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