NPR logo Tea Party Express-CNN To Host GOP Presidential Debate

Tea Party Express-CNN To Host GOP Presidential Debate

It looks like the so-called lamestream media are good for something after all.

The Tea Party Express is getting together with CNN to host a Republican presidential candidates debate the week of Labor Day, 2011.

From CNN's Politicalticker blog:

CNN is teaming up with the Tea Party Express for a first-of-its-kind presidential primary debate, both organizations announced Friday. The Tea Party debate, featuring 2012 Republican presidential candidates, is scheduled for Labor Day week 2011. It will take place in Tampa, Florida – the site of the 2012 Republican National Convention.

While the Tea Party movement is mainly a grassroots one, The Tea Party Express has been dinged by some as not an authentic bottom-up group since a major behind-the-scenes player in the TPE is Sal Russo, a long-time Republican strategist.