RNC Chairman Candidates Debate : It's All Politics Candidates for the Republican National Committee chairmanship are debating and the RNC is providing a live feed. Current chairman Michael Steele is fighting for another two-year term despite withering criticism over how he has led the RNC since 2008.
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RNC Chairman Candidates Debate

Updated at 1:52 pm ET — It took me a while to realize my mistake. I posted the video from the 2009 RNC chair candidates debate, not the live feed of this year's debate. I've fixed that error. Sorry about that.

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The Republican National Committee is at this very moment holding its debate between candidates to succeed its controversial chairman Michael Steele who is seeking another term.

There's a live feed of the debate.

A number of Republicans are running against Steele, the first black to hold that position. He has been criticized for being a gaffe-machine as well as overspending on the wrong things and for not raising enough in political donations.

Steele has defended himself, in part, by saying few RNC chairs have overseen as much GOP electoral success as he has.

Steele kicked off the debate by saying that the Republican Party is far from dead as some have suggested. He may have been projecting his own difficulties on the party since few lately have accused the party of being moribund since November when the GOP took back control of the House.

Politico.com reports that Steele is running a steep uphill campaign because he has very little support among the 168 RNC voting members.

But Steele gave no indication that he is conceding anything to his rivals.

The New York Times The Caucus blog had a good piece setting up the debate with background on the candidates.