NPR logo Obama Budget - A Bird's Eye View From The NY Times

Obama Budget - A Bird's Eye View From The NY Times

NYT 2012 budget chart

The New York Times does us all a great service by providing an interactive chart that allows you to "fly over" President Obama's $3.7 trillion fiscal year 2012 budget.

The chart allocates the budget into boxes, allowing you to easily see where all the money goes; the bigger the box, the larger a part of the federal budget it represents. It reaffirms what all the experts say, the money is in the big mandatory spending programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are along with defense.

That's not really news. For years, standard pie charts have shown as much.

Whats's really important for budget day purposes is the way the chart shows which agencies get more money under the president's budget proposal and which get less. Again, a very helpful way to visualize what's in the president's budget.