NPR logo Charlie Cook Foresees Democrats As House Minority Past 2012

Charlie Cook Foresees Democrats As House Minority Past 2012

Charlie Cook, the highly regarded analyst of congressional races, has bad news for House Democrats; their time in the minority won't likely end in 2012.

From a short video on the National Journal web site:

I would be surprised if either party picked up or lost more than 10 seats, something like that. Democrats need a 25 seat net gain to get their majority back in the House. And I think that's awfully hard. They may pick up five or 10; they may lose five or 10. I don't see a lot of change in the House of Representatives right now.

More likely is that the redistricting that emerges from the decennial census will change sometimes significantly the makeup of a lawmaker's constituency.

Some Democrats will find themselves with more blacks and Hispanics as constituents while some Republicans may have more Democrats in their reshaped districts, Cook said.



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