NPR logo This Week's ScuttleButton Winner: Erin Monaghan of Charlottesville, Va.

This Week's ScuttleButton Winner: Erin Monaghan of Charlottesville, Va.

One thing I've learned in my new blog-to-column format: People looking for the answer to the previous week's ScuttleButton puzzle are having a tough time digging it out of the column.

So, in bowing to popular demand, I am going to continue to put up the answer and the randomly-selected winner in a separate blog post.

If only Col. Qaddafi and Charlie Sheen were so understanding and accommodating.

Anyway, here were last week's buttons:

Just Say Noe (photo Dan Quayle) — 1992 button deliberately misspelling the word "no" in honor of Quayle's role in the "potatoe" spelling bee.

10 Points for Obama — Ten issues for the 2008 Democratic presidential candidate.

B 4 Burdick — Quentin Burdick, a North Dakota Democrat, was elected to the Senate in a special 1960 election.

Richard Burr U.S. Senate — Republican Burr won a second term last year in North Carolina.

And so, when you add Just + 10 + B + Burr, you might, quite sadly in fact, end up with ...

Justin Bieber. Whoever that is. As painful as it was for many of you to have solved this puzzle, imagine how painful it was for me to even assemble it! (Oh My God ... I just noticed that today, Tuesday, is Bieber's 17th birthday. I swear that I didn't do this puzzle in honor of his birthday. Honest.)

OK, enough hysterics. This week's winner, chosen completely at random, is (drum roll) ... Erin Monaghan of Charlottesville, Va. Our sympathies to Erin.

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