NPR logo Do Most People Know Who House Speaker Is? Fat Chance

Do Most People Know Who House Speaker Is? Fat Chance

We political news bloggers clearly have much more work to do.

The Pew Research Center has a new political news quiz out and the results so far indicate that a lot of what we assume people know, they actually don't. Like who the speaker of the U.S. House is, for instance.

For anyone who reads this and other political news blogs, the quiz should be a breeze although I must admit, I failed to get a perfect score. I missed the obesity question.

Obesity? What does obesity have to do with politics anyway? I thought.

It took about a second for me to come answer my own question. Michelle Obama has made fighting childhood obesity her signature cause. And Sarah Palin has accused her of wanting to take cookies out of school lunchrooms. There you have it.



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