NPR logo 'It's All Politics' Decides That's Not True

'It's All Politics' Decides That's Not True

NPR's It's All Politics blog will be slowing down until early next week. It's not the summertime blues. Even dedicated political news bloggers need some time off.

So for the next few days, you'll see fewer posts pop up here. But NPR's The Two Way news blog will be keeping an eye on the world, including any significant news events on the political front.

As for me, I'll be watching a lot of youth basketball and wondering why it seems that every team I'm associated with fails to box out and rebound as much as the other side.

And like many other sports fans, I'll be looking to see what uncanny trick Marta, one of the most brilliant athletes ever, pulls off when her Brazil team meets the U.S. Sunday in the World Cup.


I'm still turning over in my mind her goal against the U.S. when the teams met in China four years ago. (Brazil, 4 - U.S., 0 ) She is, simply, the truth.