NPR logo Debt-Ceiling Parody Video Skewers Federal Spending

Debt-Ceiling Parody Video Skewers Federal Spending

Proving that you can rap about anything, the comedian Remy created a debt-ceiling parody in rap video form. (Here's an interview with him.)

Don't be fooled by rap's refrain: "Raise the debt ceiling." The rap is more Ron Paul than Jay-Z. Remy portrays Washington policymakers as free-spending in their way as any boastful, blinged-out rapper.


A few samples.

"On the beach getting tanned and sipping Corona, I've got a monetary plan and it involves a lot of toner."

(A shot at Federal Reserve chair Ben Bernanke and his efforts to pump cash into the economy.)


"If you're looking for some cash because things are getting heavy, I've got some big old piles of cash, guess what, they're shovel ready."

(Not a fan of President Obama's economic stimulus plan.)


"Our debt is more unstainable than my rap career."

(Speaks for itself.)