NPR logo Watchdogs Seek Probes Of Mysterious Pro-Romney Mega Donation

Mitt Romney

Watchdogs Seek Probes Of Mysterious Pro-Romney Mega Donation

Two good-government groups want federal investigators to look into a mysterious $1 million campaign contribution made to a political action committee that supports Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

The organizations, Democracy 21 and the Campaign Legal Center, say the Justice Department and Federal Election Commission both have grounds to investigate.

The listed donor of the $1 million was a company called W Spann. It was incorporated in March, made the contribution in April, and was dissolved in July.

The contribution went to Restore Our Future, a PAC that says it complied with the campaign finance laws.

Restore Our Future is run by Romney allies. Under the law it can't coordinate with his campaign.

The Campaign Legal Center and Democracy 21 say that if W Spann existed just to shield the real million-dollar donors that would violate several campaign finance laws.

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