NPR logo Report: Jobs Bill Isn't Priority For Republican 'Insiders'

Report: Jobs Bill Isn't Priority For Republican 'Insiders'

National Journal provides more evidence of the long odds President Obama faces in trying to get his jobs proposals through Congress. Many inside-the-Beltway Republicans polled by the news outlet say jobs legislation just isn't a priority for them.

More than half the GOP "insiders" — political consultants, lobbyists and the like — said achieving jobs legislation was "not too important" or "not important at all." That compared with the 18 percent of Democrats who said the same thing in the non-scientific survey.

National Journal reported:

Many Republicans took issue with the idea that any answer to the nation's unemployment problems lay in large-scale legislative proposals. "Passing jobs bills is what Democrats do," said one Republican Insider. "Republicans need to push for lower taxes and for the administration to roll back pending regulations that are inhibiting business growth."

"You cannot legislate jobs," said another. "You can create a climate which encourages job creation."

Other Republicans were blunt about what they see as asymmetrical political stakes. "Obama owns the jobs crisis," said one Republican respondent. "Congress will not be blamed or credited for jobs, jobs bill or not."

Another put it even more starkly: "The worse the job showing, the more Republicans get elected in November 2012."