NPR logo New Rick Perry Video Contrasts Texan With President 'Zero'

New Rick Perry Video Contrasts Texan With President 'Zero'

Texas Gov. Rick Perry's campaign has released a new campaign video which negatively transforms President Obama's trademarked "O".

The ad refers to Obama as "President Zero", an allusion to the Labor Department report that zero net new jobs were created in August, the image makers transform the iconic Obama "O" of the president's campaign web sites and posters into a zero, the better to imprint the connection on our brains. The ad makers want us to see an economy in decline when we see that red, white and blue "O."


Scenes from an Obama-era America in bleak economic winter in which all the colors seem washed out. More vividly colored scenes follow of horses galloping, cowboy boots walking toward the camera (a new sheriff in town, perhaps?) an American flag snapping in the breeze, small town and big city images and, finally Perry greeting voters and as a leader of action.

Mitt Romney's campaign has had a series of anti-Obama ads in which it used similar images of economic misery to paint a picture of the hardships the nation is enduring.


Unlike Perry, the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination, however, Romney didn't appear in his videos. The difference there is that much of Perry's appeal is his personality. So why wouldn't his ad makers use one of their best assets?