NPR logo Poll: Herman Cain Ties Mitt Romney Atop GOP Field

Herman Cain

Poll: Herman Cain Ties Mitt Romney Atop GOP Field

CBS News had a new poll Tuesday evening that shows Herman Cain tied at 17 percent with Mitt Romney atop the Republican presidential field.

Meanwhile, Texas Gov. Rick Perry came in third place at 12 percent. Perry's loss appears to explain much of Cain's gain. Perry dropped 11 percentage points from two weeks ago in the poll.

Cain, on the other hand, rose 12 percentage points from a fortnight ago. Romney, the former Massachusetts stayed about even.

The poll also was further bad news for Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota who was at four percentage points in the latest poll. She was a seven percent two weeks ago.

The Tea Party voters who abandoned her for Perry now appear to have abandoned him and are lining up behind Cain, the former pizza company chief executive, at least for now.